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Daily link Monday, November 01, 2004

Dave, NewsGator supports enclosures too. (Dave's talking about news aggregators and has been asking lately why more of them don't support RSS 2.0's enclosures).

Does your aggregator support enclosures? If so, you can use it to receive podcasts, among other things (Channel 9's RSS feed for videos includes enclosures so you can subscribe to our videos).

7:28:42 AM    comment 

Heh, Jared Winick decided to be an iPod for Halloween. Great use of the Tablet PC!

7:08:53 AM    comment 

Jeff Jarvis notices that General Motors has a blog and a home for blogs.

Interesting! Steve Broback, the guy who ran Pagemaker, Photoshop, Web Design, and other conferences in the 1990s, noticed this trend, and has put together the Blog Business Summit.

12:23:09 AM    comment 

Ahh, Scott Greiff is using an Audiovox with a Tablet PC.

12:19:47 AM    comment 

I'm really bummed on seeing this one. I was over reading the Sun Microsystems' blogs, and I see that San Jose's KSJO is no more. I listened to KSJO (and its competitor KOME) when I was a kid. They played the best rock. KOME has been gone for a few years, but I enjoyed listening to KSJO when I was down in Silicon Valley. I'm sure the first ACDC I ever heard was on this station -- heck, I'm certain that my son Patrick heard his first ACDC on KSJO.

Radio in San Jose is getting worse and worse and worse. And people wonder why podcasting got so much hype so quickly? Here's the cause.

12:16:14 AM    comment 

This is cool time-lapse video of them moving a bridge in downtown Bellevue. More info on the project is here.

12:06:09 AM    comment 

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