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Daily link Monday, November 08, 2004

1,500 developers are in Las Vegas for DevConnections. I so wish I were there. Anyone blogging that? Julia Lerman is. Anyone else? I wish they were podcasting from there.

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Scott Loftesness spied me at the Incredibles. I'm bummed I missed him.

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Konfabulator for Windows was just released. Very cool. I'm running it on my Tablet PC. Just started using it, so won't have a user's report for a few days (and Halo 2 is shipping tonight, so my experimentation time is even shorter). Install went smoothly. I love the way you teach me about your widgets! Man, my Tablet PC is sexy now!

To the Konfabulator team: thank you for supporting Windows and Microsoft. It's great to get more cool software to run on my Tablet PC.

Speaking of great software, for the past couple of weeks I've been playing with Optimal Access and Maxthon.

As much as I hate to admit it, life isn't only RSS feeds. There's eBay. Amazon. Pogo. My bank's app. And tons of secret stuff on Microsoft's intranet that I need a browser for. Maxthon and Optimal Access both make IE a whole lot more useful.

I wish I had more time. The Internet Explorer team has been looking for stuff to extend IE with and has a page of tons of stuff. Do you have a favorite?

Why all the playing? I'm moving my life over to my new Tablet PC, so am looking for great stuff to run on my new machine (and, since I have an old box, I am feeling more empowered to play around without fear of messing up my main machine).

Thanks Lora for the great Tablet PC Post site. There's a ton of great stuff listed there.

Oh, and to those of you who have new Tablet PCs, check out the Tablet PC power toys page. It's a LOT longer than the last time I checked it. That new physics illustrator is freaking awesome.

I wish this page had an RSS feed. I'd subscribe in a second!

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Hmm, while I was off talking about podcasting and other stuff with Adam Curry, Dawn and Drew, and Dave, I hear Microsoft has settled some more lawsuits. Joe Wilcox, analyst with Jupiter Media has the news and analysis.

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Since getting my new cell phone I've been posting to my photo blog a lot more often. Oh, and my cell phone number is always on my blog's home page. It's next to my email address. 425-205-1921. I do answer it too.

Should we get a geek dinner going this week in Northern California?

How about Saturday night? Where should we do it?

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CBS Marketwatch is covering blogging. Today Frank Barnako interviews Forrester analyst Charlotte Li who just wrote a report on blogging. Charlotte says "Blogging is good business."

Nah, it just lets you build great relationships in a scalable way. Oh, wait a second, I guess that +is+ good business.

Hey, Frank, and what's up with the "fad" meme? My friends told me that four years ago. Rich Levin, in fact, told me "you won't be doing this in six months." Well, that was four years ago (I started blogging in mid-December 2000) and I still love doing it.

If this is a fad, I want more fads!

Speaking of fads, Dave Winer and Adam Curry and Dawn and Drew invited me to come hang with them. Let's see, go to work? Or hang with them?

I do gotta get Channel 9 videos up. Maybe I'll take them all over to Microsoft in Mountain View. That would be an interesting podcast.

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Hey, Maryam, we gotta figure out how to attend the "Online Divas" event. Halley Suitt, among others, is speaking and has details on her blog.

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I don't know that this link will change anything, but Roy Osherove writes "its been months since I've found anything really valuable [on Scoble's blog]."

What, Roy, you don't get value from me pointing out cool sites like TenByTen? You don't get value out of my link blog? Out of the stuff I put on Channel 9? You think I'm just name dropping here? Oh, wait, I just dropped yours. Shoot me. :-)

At the BloggerCon session I led on Saturday we did a poll of the audience and most just use their blogs to store stuff that they might need later on.

Not valuable, huh? Well, now you know why I mostly blog at nights and on weekends. At least all I'm doing is trading sleep and TV time for this.

On the other hand, Terry Heaton writes: "If markets really are conversations, as Cluetrain asserts, then the work of Robert Scoble is writing the rules of a whole new form of PR." Thanks to my PR friend, Steve Rubel, for linking me to Terry's article on the new PR.

Speaking of PR, Renee Blodget (the PR maven behind NewsGator and other companies) is now blogging. She's been one of those "invisible influencers" I wrote about a while back. Always trading information in the information underground. Well, another one of those invisibles now is visible to the Web. Who's next?

Christopher Coulter, you need a blog.

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Saturday evening's aggregator dinner was interesting. At one table existed about 75% of the RSS Aggregators. Jeff Clavier has the list of people who were there (that's not a complete list, just the folks who do aggregators).

Interesting thing that happened? Greg Reinacker, guy who wrote NewsGator, showed me his new Audiovox phone and explained that his aggregator can now listen for videos, in addition to podcasts, er audio enclosures in RSS feeds. He had West Wing on his phone. It compressed down to about 85 megabytes. Looked pretty good actually. He handed his phone around the table so everyone could get a look at it. I think he sold a couple more Audiovox phones right there.

Since Greg was sitting across from me, he also showed me the SmartPhone version of NewsGator. Gonna get that setup today.

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Tonight is the world-wide launch of Halo 2. Since I'm down in Silicon Valley, where should we meet up here?

Oh, Major Nelson (program manager of Xbox Live) is holding a photo contest (and has details on tonight's fun).

So, where you picking up your copy of Halo 2?

Oh, Gamers Circle asks and answers the question: Has Halo 2 lived up to the massive hype?

By the way, I have a trunk full of "Nine Guys" and would love to give one to you.

Speaking of Nine Guys, he sure gets around!

This weekend he was at BloggerCon (here's a pic of him singing along with Dave Winer at the opening session).

Then, on Sunday, he was hanging out at the world-famous Bucks' restaurant (that's where Netscape was incorporated). He's being held by Michael Levin, producer of the "Podcast from the Swamp."

But then, I see that Greg Hughes took the nine guy in to meet the Navy. Now I know why my Nine Guy is a little seasick.

Just a little fun. By the way, you can get your own Nine Guy. Just send me a postcard. So far we have hundreds of post cards from around the world. It's a lot of fun. My address is: Robert Scoble; c/o Microsoft Corporation; One Microsoft Way; Redmond, WA USA 98052.

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What a great weekend. From BloggerCon, to hanging out at Bucks, to visiting the Computer History Museum again, to watching the Incredibles and hanging out with my son. It was all a high-quality weekend. And, yes, I even got in my feed reading, although gotta go in and fix my Outlook so that Kunal Das' utility will work with it (got myself a new Tablet PC and it doesn't have all the required components loaded).

I already have more than 230 items to publish. Whew!

High quality stuff, too, since BloggerCon got a bunch of interesting things to happen.

One link I showed during my session is the new TenByTen site.

I'm working down in Silicon Valley all week. I'm getting a tour of the Macintosh Business Unit and Hotmail while I'm down here. Thursday and Friday I'll be at the TopCoder contest in Santa Clara. Anyone else want to meet up?

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