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Daily link Friday, November 05, 2004

Mad or happy about the election results? Don't blame me. Heh. Those shirts were designed by David Shadle, same guy who designed the Channel 9 guy.

Heh, someone started a site for Canadians to marry liberal Americans. What a hoot.

Oh, if all of this stuff just drives you nutty, then go over to Screen Toys. Fun little page. Might help to relieve some of that stress in your life.

And, on that note, I'm outta here. Gonna head to BloggerCon.

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Have you ever had your hands inside an HP SuperDome computer?

Euan Garden gave me that chance yesterday. What a computer!

Let's see, 64 processors. All 64-bit.

A terabyte of RAM.

More hard drive storage than you can count. Look at this photo I took inside just one of the hard drive bays (that's Euan in the middle, by the way). Every one of the little things in the racks surrounding them is a 12.8 gig hard drive. And you're only seeing a small portion of the storage.

It's an amazing machine.

Oh, but you wouldn't be able to run this at home. You'd need a huge air conditioner. And a power supply capable of keeping the juice running to this (I heard the one powering the lab where this is in cost about a quarter million).

This machine, by the way, is on loan from Hewlett Packard to the SQL Server team.

Yesterday I got tours through four of SQL Server's labs. To call these labs is sorta funny. They are packed with more computing power than operates most companies.

What do they need all that power for?

Well, for testing. The SQL Server team, for instance, runs more than 250,000 automated tests on each build to ensure that the quality of the software is high.

While we're talking about testing, if you're a developer using ASP.NET or IIS, you might check out Scott Guthrie's latest post on what his team is doing to ensure that the quality of the next builds remains high.

Thanks Euan for giving me a cool tour of the SuperDome.

Shhh, actually it was my second tour in the SuperDome. Why? The Enterprise Engineering Center showed me theirs a few weeks ago.

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