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Daily link Saturday, November 06, 2004

Adam Curry just talked about EarningsCast. Oh, execs are gonna love this. A guy takes a bunch of corporate earnings calls that they do with journalists and analysts, and puts them up as an RSS feed with enclosures. Wow. Even better, the guy who does that site is in the back row at BloggerCon and couldn't believe that Adam gave his site a plug.

9:47:48 AM    comment 

There's also an IRC chat room. We're on FreeNode and the channel is named: #BloggerCon.

During my talk, I'll be watching for live questions from you all.

Update: there are actually two IRC channels. The other one is #BloggerCon1. It seems that that one is more popular.

9:40:35 AM    comment 

BloggerCon is being broadcast by IT Conversations here. This is an interesting conference.

9:35:50 AM    comment 

I'm at BloggerCon. I just loaded some pictures on my photoblog.

8:38:13 AM    comment 

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