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Daily link Thursday, November 18, 2004

I just posted a few things to my link blog. Gonna take tomorrow off. Have a great Friday.

11:40:43 PM    comment 

Tonight at the Google party I was standing around talking with Reed Stevenson of Reuters, and Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI. They were talking to Eileen Rodriguez, who works for Google in consumer PR. Reed asked her "does anyone at Google use a Tablet PC?."

She thought for a minute and said "our artist uses one." You know, Dennis Hwang, the guy who creates all the cool art on the main Google page, and elsehere. Here's an article about him.

Todd looked at me and asked "you're gonna blog THAT, right?"

Oh yeah, Todd, oh yeah!

I wonder which one he uses?

11:39:07 PM    comment 

Microsoft and Amazon threw a party at Google's new Kirkland offices tonight.

Well, that's sorta how it seemed. The Google staffers were vastly outnumbered (there were about 20 of them hosting a party of hundreds). I spied tons of Microsoft employees checking out the Google offices and eating the food.

But it wasn't all Microsoft guys. I spied Charles Simonyi talking with Lutz Roeder (Lutz isn't in the photo). Lutz is the guy who wrote .NET Reflector. Charles is the guy who, well, basically ran the Word and Excel teams for a while. He's now CEO of Intentional Software. He gave us his elevator pitch. I recorded it, but it's hard to hear. I'm too tired to transcript it right now.

Here Charles meets Chris DiBona (Chris works at Google on open source projects).

Anyway, pictures of the party are up on my photo blog. Can you pick out the MSN Search Team blogger who went to check out the party?

10:19:24 PM    comment 

If you're a Radio UserLand user, there's an update out. I just loaded it, so will try out some of the new stuff.

Steve Kirks' blog has more about UserLand.

Alright, I'm tired, gotta go to bed. See ya this weekend. If you want to read more, check out my link blog.

2:26:06 AM    comment 

Maybe Pirillo should talk with Beth Simon. She's an assistant professor in computer science at the University of San Diego. Here's what she says about the Tablet PC: "I've become addicted to Tablet PCs."

Ahh, the Tablet PC addict club continues to grow...

2:15:01 AM    comment 

Chris Pirillo wants to be convinced to switch to a Tablet PC. Hey, Chris, you're coming over for dinner on Friday night, right? In between games of Halo 2 I'll let you play with my Tablet PC.

By the way, I saw one of those "view anywhere" screens the other day. It's mostly an anti-glare coating on the surface of the screen. Even if you use it indoors all day long I think you'll like that screen a lot.

2:11:54 AM    comment 

Orkut, over at Google, is up to something new:

Can anyone figure out what's cool about this? Looks like they added some blogging capabilities. It's too late, I'm tired. Maybe in the morning this will look cooler.

2:06:19 AM    comment 

Does your vote count? Only 261 votes decided the governor's race in Washington. In a state with millions of people, that's darn close.

2:02:29 AM    comment 

Public Radio's Future Tense talked about corporate blogging in yesterday's show.

1:57:50 AM    comment 

David Miller has another ArtRage-centric blog. Art Rage is a free program for the Tablet PC that helps you draw professional-quality programs. Add that to Larry Larsen's ArtRage blog.

1:54:01 AM    comment 

Richard MacManus has an interview with Tim O'Reilly on his blog. Hey, I thought blogs weren't supposed to practice journalism. Shame on you Richard for trying to interview people on your blog. You're sentenced to a week of wearing pajamas.

1:42:03 AM    comment 

Congrats to Dan Bricklin for being inducted into the CRN Industry Hall of Fame. He was one of the guys who developed VisiCalc. Glad to see he continues being an industry leader -- why do I say that? He's using a Tablet PC.

1:37:06 AM    comment 

Josh Ledgard: "I think we wore Scoble out."

Sure did, spent more than an hour carrying my heavy Bogen tripod and camcorder in and out of Visual Studio developers' and testers' offices today.

Now playing on Channel 9? A tour I did a couple of weeks back of the .NET CLR team. You can feel the brainpower oozing in those offices.

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