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Daily link Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Poynter Institute has a vision of the news business in 2014. Welcome to Epic.

Epic sounds a whole lot like my Linkblog, except automated. Heh. Love the scary voice and music.

Speaking of which, Memeorandum is now my home page. Imagine if this video is all wrong and Memeorandum takes over the world. It could happen. It already has kicked out Google News on my browsers.

3:13:05 PM    comment 

Another .NET app that I've been hearing a lot more about lately is Grouper. It's a private, secure, network of your invited friends. Someone just invited me in. My boss's boss was raving about it. Dang, I still haven't played Halo 2! Will you all stop developing cool stuff to try for just a week?

I think I need to get some of that "Halo fever." Speaking of which, I think I feel a cold coming on...


12:20:43 AM    comment 

Brian Bailey, the web guy at America's fifth largest church is asking for help. "I am currently researching .NET e-commerce solutions for a new website we are developing."

12:10:40 AM    comment 

Rod Paddock sent this one in. Don't believe you can become a famous blogger in one week or less? Well, the folks over at "not sorry everybody" are getting 10,000 visits a day and have been in the news already. A week old.

12:08:52 AM    comment 

Think Windows Forms is a "has been" technology? The developers over at Mobility Technologies say "hogwash!" Check out their app (Traffic Pulse NeXGen) which is a .NET Windows Forms-based smart client that creates dynamic traffic reports for television news stations around the United States.

12:06:42 AM    comment 

Christopher Coulter sent me this one. Turns out I can unlock my Audiovox cell phone so that I can move it from AT&T (which doesn't exist anymore) to whatever service I'd like. Costs about $40.

12:02:35 AM    comment 

The new MSDN SmartClient Dev Center is pretty interesting. My coworker Craig Neable has a nice video on new features in the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (his office is almost directly behind mine).

12:00:41 AM    comment 

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