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Daily link Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Napster announces that it's going wireless. Oh, gotta try that out on my new Audiovox cell phone.

Speaking of cell phones, I've shown mind to a bunch of people now and I'm noticing that most people go through this set of steps when deciding whether or not to use one:

1) Compare size to their existing phone. Every single person has pulled out their existing cell phone to see if it really is smaller or not.

2) Compare address books to their existing phone. Is it easy to find someone and make a call?

2B) They almost all compare the reception of the phone to theirs.

Nearly everyone I've shown my cell phone to has gone through these steps. Now, a smaller number of people compare these things:

3) Keyboardability. How easy is it to answer emails. This is where some people say "I'd rather have a Treo, Blackberry, or a SmartPhone or PocketPC with a keyboard." I find that only one out of 10 so far care about this, but when you find someone that cares about keyboarding, they won't buy the Audiovox.

4) Service availability. Once they are OK with the above, then they ask "is it available for ____?" If not, that tends to be a deal breaker.

I've only had a few people ask about specific features not on this list like Bluetooth, camera qualities, or other applications.

So, my anecdotal research is showing small size, phone features, reception quality, and service availability are the things that really are going to drive phone sales. Extra toys will only matter if all the others are the same.

Does that match with your experiences?

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The hype about Demo, the conference, has already started.

I just got a demo of my own of something that JJ Alaire and team will deliver there (you can sign up for the beta already).

I can't wait for Onfolio 2.0. This is the aggregator I've been waiting for. Man, is the aggregator dinner on Saturday night at Bloggercon going to be interesting!

This combines the folder approach of NewsGator with the newspaper approach of Radio UserLand in a very unique way. I'll talk more after I get an alpha (JJ told me it'd be by the end of the year).

7:14:38 PM    comment 

Ahh, so now the politics are over (Bush won) so we can get back to the important things like arguing whether or not the Tablet PC is worthwhile.

Along these lines, Poynter Institute (the R&D lab for the journalism industry) did a Flash site on Tim Russert's Tablet.

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