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Daily link Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The CaptionKit folks put captions on a Channel 9 video. This is a cool way to add captions to things. This is one way that we could make podcasting much more accessible to everyone.

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Wow, now I understand why Jeff unplugged his Tivo. My picture is at least 30% sharper now and changing channels is, oh, 10 times faster. At least. The downside? I have to learn a new remote and menu.

Anyway, I'm tired. I also just updated my link blog.

Here's a quick round through it.

One, Tim Bray's weblog looks great on my cell phone. I'll post some pictures soon of what sites look like on a phone. A few people said they couldn't conceive of reading a site on a small screen. I totally disagree. This screen really rocks and is very readable.

Steve Gillmor and Joshua Allen talk about the innovation in RSS and what we all missed when we were saying that RSS is broken. Yes, I'm responsible. It isn't broken. I should have learned the lesson when people said the Internet would break back in the mid-90s. Hint: it didn't. Oh, well, now we're saying that podcasting is broken. Well, Dave Slusher isn't. He saw that his bandwidth bill wasn't gonna keep up with his wallet, so he's moving his podcast over to Bittorrent. It'll take a few days for the experiment to work out because more people need to help share the load.

Mike Manuel tries to answer the question of "what is Scoble's job?"

It's geek week on Charlie Rose. Interesting panel is on TV right now. John Doerr, Bill Joy, Jeff Taylor. Tomorrow, Google, Yahoo, Intel, and Cisco execs. (They are filming at Google's campus in Mountain View).

Larry Larsen puts a Tablet PC onto his Segway.

Sean Fanning, the guy who started Napster, has a new thing up his sleeve called Snocap.

I've been looking at some of the Mars Images lately and find it's absolutely amazing that we still have a couple of robots on the surface of Mars working great after almost a year.

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Before I take off for the evening to play Halo 2 and setup my new Comcast box (watch the Photoblog for photos) I wanted to post about the blogger meetup tomorrow in Seattle. Check Anita Rowland's site for more info.

See ya there!

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Jeff Sandquist unplugged his Tivo yesterday. I'm unplugging mine tonight (read Jeff's post to see what I'm picked up from Comcast). Gotta get home. Halo 2 and new electronic toys.

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Congrats to Jean Paoli and Robin Cover for winning the XML Cup 2004. Jean works a few offices away from me and has been coming in my office and telling me fun stories. Definitely time to do a Channel 9 interview with him.

Speaking of Channel 9, I just got a new camcorder. It's a 3-chip one. Panasonic PV-GS120. Costs less than $700. Amazing quality in a small package.

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I was just talking with Bill Hilf. He's the lead program manager working on the Linux team (works for Martin Taylor). He came here a year ago from IBM and was a developer on Apache, among other things. Real interesting guy. Anyway, I urged him to start a blog. What else is new, huh?

He said I could put his email address out here, in case anyone ever wanted to start a conversation. But, that's not my style. Let's start it out here in public.

What would you like to see Microsoft do regarding Linux?

That's what I love about working at Microsoft. Get bored of working on Windows? Go to the MacBU and work on Macs. Tired of that? Go to the Linux group and work on that. Tired of that? Go work on SmartPhones or Media Centers. Tired of that? Well, there's always Halo 2. Which reminds me, if I disappear for another evening, you now know why...

Oh, BetaNews noticed that Microsoft invested in a Linux Management Vendor.

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