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Daily link Monday, November 15, 2004

I want to make every Web designer carry around a cell phone with a Web browser. Most sites work like crud. For instance, the guy who called me a blithering dolt's website has all of his navigation stuff on top of his content so to read his site I have to scroll down which on a two-inch-high-screen is a real PITA. It doesn't matter whether you're on Microsoft's OS, either. My wife's Nokia worked the same way. Remember, web browsers for these phones act a lot like browsers used to back in the early days. They don't display your layout stuff. You've gotta test on these cell phones.

I'll write about this more later. There's some very simple tips to make your site work great on cell phones (millions of people look at the Web on cell phones and that number is going up every day). A poorly designed site does makes it very frustrating to look at sites on cell phones, though. Interestingly enough, Dave Winer's site looks great. So does mine, but then I designed it to work on all browsers from Netscape 1.0 on up to the latest stuff.



But that doesn't help with many sites.

Oh, this reminds me, gotta pick a winner in my design contest. Will do that. Gotta go to work now, though.

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MSN's search blog is linking to an unauthorized leak of MSN's new Desktop Search. That's a change in corporate culture. I've done that before but everytime I do I get strange looks in the hallways.

Yes, I read Neowin everyday too.

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I learned more on the Extreme Home Makeover story. (This is ABC's top-rated show). Christopher, the design producer of the show, told me yesterday that the home they are building was designed on a Tablet PC (and that Christopher wants a Tablet PC too after seeing the architect do his work). I wanna meet the architect. The family in question has very little idea what will be waiting for when they come back on Wednesday (the family was sent to Disneyworld for the week to get them out of town). The Seattle PI has the story here.

Also, Christopher says that they thought of Microsoft because they try to get local businesses involved in the rebuilding of these homes. He was calling everyone in town looking for help. Who did he stumble across in his search? Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI. Todd told him to call me (he got my cell phone off of my blog). Thanks Todd for sending him along.

After talking to Christopher I've added this show to my Tivo. I don't watch much TV anymore, but I can understand why this show is ABC's top-rated one.

Oh, someone asked why email isn't good enough? Well, many people want to talk with a human being when attempting to do business. And, they want to make sure they got through. Email is too easily ignored. It's also impersonal. It's also hard to explain a vision or your philosophy in email. And, when you're trying to change the world (for a family) in a weekend, I can totally understand why they'd pick up the phone instead of send out a bunch of emails.

By the way, I've had my cell phone up here for years and I've never gotten an unimportant phone call. In fact, so far I've only gotten maybe a dozen calls over the years at all.

Oh, and thanks to the Microsoft employees who responded to my emails. I work with the best people.

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You all inspire me. The ideas that were left in the comment area when I asked how to get 10-13-year-olds' excited about programming were great.

Thanks to everyone who participated in that thread.

It's a great way to start Monday morning.

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