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Daily link Friday, November 19, 2004

Ponzi (left), Chris' girlfriend, and Maryam, my wife.

Nancy Folsom and Revi Sterling. Nancy is a long-time FoxPro developer, Revi works at Microsoft Research in University Relations.

Persian food by Maryam. You have no idea what you're missing. I'm stuffed.

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Sitting on my couch watching Charlie Rose with Chris Pirillo. I was showing him the new Comcast cable box and up popped Carly Fiorina, CEO and Chairman of HP, John Hennessy, president of Stanford University, and Bing Gordon, cofounder and chief creative officer of Electronic Arts.

That launched Chris into remembering the early days of when he surfed Yahoo back when it had a tilde in the URL. Back then it was

It's so nice having a PVR. We can pause the TV and have a conversation.

I put some pictures from the evening up on my photoblog.

When asked about whether the PC was going to disappear, Carly said that the PC won't disappear in the home, but that it probably won't be at the center of the home experience.

That sort of matches what's happening here. We're listening to TV, pausing it, talking about it, and then blogging about it. Chris isn't, at the moment, but I'm sure he'll write some later.

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Wanna hear the roar of hundreds of machines in the .NET CLR team's labs? Check out the CLR team tour video. Part I and Part II are good ones for .NET developers to watch too. Oh, don't call the CLR (Common Language Runtime) a compiler. Larry Osterman slapped my hand about that over on Channel 9. My bad, you can see what he says it is. But it is the underpinnings of every .NET application. Some really smart people work on that team. I felt the brainwaves oozing out of offices there. Or, maybe it was the noise from all those machines. Somethin's going on there, that's for sure.

It's pretty rare that you get to see the inside of one of these labs. They actually can't add any more machines to this lab. Why? It's pushing the air conditioner to the max.

Also on Channel 9 today? More of Bert Keely (the visionary behind the Tablet PC). You get to hear him talk about a new input mechanism he's designing for future Tablet PCs and you get to see my new cell phone too. See, you think I just evangelize you? No way. I am so excited about the Tablet PC and the Smart Phone that I evangelize everyone else inside Microsoft too.

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Ahh, the MSN Search blog reveals who the mystery MSN Search Blogger was who I caught on camera at the Google party last night. Oh, there's a new bookmarklet for Firefox, Mozilla, IE, and Opera? Cool.

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Congrats to Russell Beattie. He's going to work for Yahoo.

It's funny, I was showing the MSN team my phone and said "why don't you have search for this?" Sounds like Yahoo is going after that. You know, since getting a great Internet-connected phone, I finally understand what Russell's been evangelizing lately. Having one of these things just opens up your entire life. At the geek dinner last week we looked up movie times. I read a LOT of blogs now on my phone (standing in line at the grocery store, last night, I was reading). It really lets you be more productive in places where you were just wasting time before. Speaking of my phone, Todd Bishop, blogger for the Seattle PI, grabbed a pic of me recording Charles Simonyi with my phone. I was just listening to that recording and it actually was pretty good. I'll try to get that up tomorrow.

I was very tired last night. Was on the trailing edges of a cold. Just wanted to say thanks to our Google hosts for a most enjoyable evening. I ran into several Googlers and they were all gracious, friendly, and interesting. We'll have to have an open house at Microsoft someday and invite them all over.

Back to Russell: if you ever need anything, feel free to call me. Or, leave a note on your blog and I'll see it. Wow, to have one of the founders call you up and try to recruit you. That's cool.

Oh, if you see some funny pictures show up on my photoblog tonight, Chris Pirillo, Nancy Folsom, and Revi Sterling will be here. We're gonna be playing Halo 2 at some point in the evening. See ya online! My gamertag? What else: scobleizer. Be nice, I haven't played much yet.

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