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Daily link Sunday, October 24, 2004

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt: "We are not building a browser."

I won't say "I told you so." Oh, maybe I will. Heh!

Putting my user hat on, I'd like to see RSS feeds on search queries. Start there.

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Dana Epp is coming to town this week, so let's throw him a geek dinner. Tuesday night. 6:30 p.m. At the Crossroads in Bellevue. As always, you're invited. The food is cheap. The times are fun. Last week a former Microsoft and Apple executive showed up (Linda Stone, thanks!) and J.P. Stewart showed off his geek mobile (a huge hit!). Who'll show up this week? No one knows. That's what's fun about them.

Hmm, who else is in town? Looks like a bunch of security experts.

But, that's not the only geek dinner that's happening. Technorati is having an open house on Thursday in San Francisco.

Also on Tuesday night Damien Barrett is having a blogger get-together at O'Reilly's Mac OS X conference in Santa Clara.

Anyone else doing a geek dinner?

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I snapped a picture of Dave during the podcast, but it was dark inside the house so the picture came out blurry. Oh well. My mind is blurry, so it's accurate.

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This afternoon Dave Winer came over to watch the World Series and before the game started we recorded a podcast.

I just saw, over on Dave's weblog, that Geek News says "this is the best Podcast I have listened to yet." Wow. I'm honored.

While the World Series was on, I was reading feeds (they are uploading now to my linkblog). I got done with the feeds right before the game ended.

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I'm changing back to my old design for a couple of reasons. 1) I'm preparing to make my choice of which design will win. 2) I wanted to test them on my SmartPhone.

My old boring design is RIPPING FAST on my cell phone. And the fonts look better too.

It also loads faster on my browser because the CSS file is about half the size as the one that I was using yesterday. Designing for everyone is hard.

Now that I'm surfing with a cell phone, I notice some sites are really snappy (Dave Winer's comes up fast, for instance) but a lot have trouble loading (Adam Curry's doesn't come up, and Channel 9's takes too long).

Interestingly enough the videos on Channel 9 play on my cell phone pretty well. So I'll work on a Smartphone-friendly page where you can click on all the videos.

Anyone know of a decent RSS News Aggregator for the .NET Compact Framework?

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I see that Steve Rubel, my favorite PR blogger, endorsed John Kerry for President. That stired some commentary: Shel Holtz wondered if Steve Rubel's blog is really an employee blog, and wonders the same thing about my blog and Steve Outing sees reasons for bloggers to abstain from making such pronouncements.

Personally, my employer doesn't care who I support. We have a political action committee that I donate $50 to a year. They support both parties equally.

For my own blog, I have a John Kerry sticker on the back of my Ford Focus, so you can get an idea of which way I'm voting. I have an Xbox and a Tablet PC sticker on my window too. Hey, there's politics and then there's technology and the two do meet once in a while.

1:04:37 AM    comment 

One of my favorite writers, Rory Blyth, takes on the podcasting hype and anti-hype.

Meanwhile, Carl Franklin is starting another audio show, since his first one, .NET Rocks, was very successful. They are having a contest to figure out a tagline for the show, which is named "Mondays." In another post Carl defended podcasting.

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