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Daily link Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Maytag's blog channeling Forbes Magazine: Even Maytag has a blog.

11:56:47 PM    comment 

Jeff Atwood: Weeding out weak developers with J2EE.

The Middleware report on .NET and Websphere sure did get some conversation going. Lots of people are saying the report is tainted because Microsoft sponsored it.

But, let's talk about that report over on the Middleware's sites, rather than here. That way they can respond and everyone can see the conversation.

11:50:48 PM    comment 

I was just listening to Adam Curry and Dave Winer do their latest Internet audio/blogging/talk show, aka Trade Secrets Radio, (not for everyone, some swearing, some rambling, great music though) and Adam talked about Mixfreaks. If you're into DJ-mixed music, there's some fun links there to check out.

As to Dave and Adam, I'm a fan. Keep it up.

11:39:13 PM    comment 

Mike Harsh, who is on the Windows Forms team, answers the question: Is Windows Forms Dead?

8:11:05 AM    comment 

How about a geek dinner or two?

This weekend Michael Creasy, a software test engineer on the Windows eHome group will be in San Francisco. Me too. So, we'll do a dinner at Barney's in Noe Valley (24th Street) on Saturday night at 7 p.m.

Anita Rowland just wrote me and said that on October 5 there will be a blogger Meetup in the Redmond Area.

Come and join the fun!

8:09:37 AM    comment 

One of my ISV Buddies, David Johnson, who runs Graphic Server Technologies, has started a blog. Focused on Graphing Components for Windows developers.

8:05:19 AM    comment 

My brother in law is "the people's poet."

He drives a bus in Wales and one of his riders built him a Web site.

He donates all the proceeds from his books to to the Cancer Unit at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport.

8:03:33 AM    comment 

Buzz Bruggeman sent this one my way: AudioFeast. They advertise "Great radio. Served Daily. For your MP3 Player."

Now what I need is more time to listen to all these audio things. Sigh.

7:59:50 AM    comment 

Some college kids in Canada are getting into the audio blogging thing and started: Blogosphere radio.


7:58:18 AM    comment 

I want to write a review here on my blog of the best IE addons. Things like Maxthon or Optimal Desktop. But I want to make sure I know about the best ones. Which are the ones that you use?

7:56:18 AM    comment 

Seattle Times: weblogs catch fire as kindling for change.

Dang, on the front page of the Seattle Times? It's a weird world I live in. I have the best readers. You all got me here. Don't know what I could do to thank you, other than to give you more cool links.

7:44:36 AM    comment 

Chris Holland gets into the spirit: "Dare I also link to the Scobleizer in a desperate attempt to get noticed?"

Subscribed! Why? I'm a sucker for a little manipulation and desperation. That and I saw several items on his blog that I like. Past behavior predicts future behavior. But what's with the cat photos?

7:41:39 AM    comment 

Dang, teach bloggers how to get noticed and start a controversy. Joe Jennett says my piece should be titled "how to be a ho!" and is "downright manipulative."

Other reactions are linked to on my linkblog.

I'm not apologizing, though. I have found 100 new blogs to subscribe to so I'm happy.

But, the overall theme of "you gotta have good content to get noticed" is absolutely true. I spent three hours last night reading my 910 feeds. Everynight I usually spend that much time reading feeds, if not more.

One feed that caught my eye last night was Joe Krauss's. He's a cofounder of Excite and writes an interesting blog about Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial scene.

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