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Daily link Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh, now the rumors are there won't be a Video iPod but Apple will bring out new computers instead. JD over at Adobe keeps taking me to task everytime I talk about industry rumors.

He's right. We are hurting our credibility when we talk about such things without really knowing WHAT Apple's (or anyone else who's rumors we report) doing.

But it's SOOO fun. Lots of you love talking about the latest rumors too. Just read the average story over on Digg.

Anyway, how do we know if an Apple rumor is true or not? Well, we all know the answer to that one, don't we? ;-)

8:47:06 PM    Mudpit 

Congratulations to Jason Calacanis for selling and its network of blogs to AOL. Yes, it's true. It's amazing how fast this news is getting around.

Hey, the blog acquisitions aren't over yet. I know of at least one other large deal that is soon to be announced.

Congrats to Rafat and for getting the scoop.'s home page is here. Oh, they are the folks who own Engadget if you haven't figured that out yet.

Jason Calacanis' blog is here.

Oh, and remember a few days back when I said I liked Richard Parsons, AOL's CEO? Well, looks like Jason liked him too. Is AOL gonna come back and rebuild their brand? This is a major step in the right direction.

8:28:47 PM    Mudpit 

Cool, it's looking like I'll switch over to WordPress this weekend. New URL? -- that redirects to my WordPress site which is at: .

Now I have to come up with a nice design and start switching over. Until I'm comfortable I'll still post here. I figure it'll be a week or two, but you can start subscribing to the RSS feed there to get ready.

1:55:33 AM    Mudpit 

Ed Bott reports the truth: no truth to Microsoft single-play DVD story.

Yes, the news system can be hoaxed. But, it cleans itself out pretty fast. Bloggers, please include links to original sources and the source where you saw it. Also, correct any post where something false is reported. Help the system clean itself out.

For instance, will Slashdot correct this post?

1:27:59 AM    Mudpit 

This is a fun video. A customer over on Channel 9 created a 3D Channel 9 Guy in ZAM 3D and recorded the process. You get to watch along as he creates the 3D model.

When Jamie says "amazing" you know it's good.

12:51:13 AM    Mudpit 

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