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Daily link Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bloomberg: Microsoft to pay RealNetworks $761 million in settlement.

It's interesting that Google News and MSNBC brought me the news first, not blogs or Memeorandum or Digg.

Update: just showed up in Memeorandum (at about 11:25). Here's the Microsoft press release on the settlement.

11:21:07 AM    Mudpit 

Sometimes I meet people who go beyond and impress me simply because their viewpoint on life is uncommon, or interesting, or ultra caring. Mike Murray is one of those guys. He was an exec at Apple and at Microsoft (was the author of that famous Shrimp and Weenies memo where he implored Microsoft employees to hold down costs).

That memo makes a lot more sense now that you can see where he's spending his time now (I just put up a 23 minute video interview with Mike that's inspiring).

Can you improve the world for the billions of people who live on $2 a day? Mike is one of those guys who thinks he can.

I just watched this video again where we talk about Mike's non-profit and charitable giving and I wish the world had more people like Mike. They sure are needed.

The Unitus blog is now up too (Unitus is the non-profit that Mike helps run).

1:19:59 AM    Mudpit 

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