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Daily link Monday, October 10, 2005

I've been waiting for Yahoo's blog search forever. I was expecting better than this. I did a few searches and like Feedster, Pubsub, Technorati, and Google better. Om Malik says it all: Yahoo's Blog Search, Too Little Too Soon.

Dave Winer liked it, but only because we're included with the mainstream press. I don't think that's enough of a reason.

Here's a quick test of link analysis. Let's look at who has the most links to the Channel 9 video of Bill Gates (a fairly popular video).

Yahoo blog search didn't find any results.

Bloglines Citations (10 links).

Google Blog Search (118 links).

Feedster (184 links).

Technorati (73 links).

IceRocket (42 links).

Or, let's search on something more recent. was in the news today. So, let's try that.

Yahoo blog search (2 links, no blogs).

Google blog search (96 links).

Technorati (15 links).

Feedster: no search results found.

IceRocket (72 links).

Just for fun, I opened up Memeorandum and found a Yahoo Search Blog article that's been linked to by lots of blogs, according to Memeorandum.

First, went to Yahoo News. Didn't find any results.

IceRocket found six; Technorati found three. Bloglines found 21. Google found 10. Feedster didn't fine any.

Like I said, so far I'm not impressed.

But, what I think doesn't matter. What do you think?

11:52:39 PM    Mudpit 

Halley Suitt is here in my office. We just finished a call with Chris Pirillo. She was giving him heck for releasing a new service during lunch. Heh, we can go to lunch now Halley! :-)

Congrats, Chris, the new service works great. I'll try it some more from the cafeteria on my cell phone.

12:27:16 PM    Mudpit 

Chris says that his servers are getting slammed right now so please be patient.

12:19:48 PM    Mudpit 

Chris Pirillo just released his new service: He wrote more about on his blog.

Now, this is really cool. Particularly for mobile phone users. Why? Well, first of all the URL is easy to type on T9 text pad. Second, it's a search mashup. You can do a query, for, say Seattle Sushi. It goes out to a number of search services (he pulls in any service that he can find that has an API and an RSS feed). But that's not what's really cool. What's really cool is how you query using his service. You don't need to type in the URL, then wait for the page to load, then type text in a text box and wait again. No, just put your query in the URL. Here's the query for Seattle Sushi, for instance:

Or search on Linux?

Chris Pirillo is on the phone now with Halley Suitt and me. The news is breaking all over the place.

He says OPML plays into it too. If you add: /OPML - it generates the OPML for you automatically. This is AWESOME!

He's mashing up 140 services here.

He says it works with IE 7 too, cause he uses open search URL from A9, which IE 7 will support. Here, track Open Search on and IE 7:

Wanna see the latest news on podcasting? Check this out:

How about the latest on my book, Naked Conversations:

Three vendors wouldn't play along: NewsGator, Pubsub, Bloglines. He wants to add those services.

Michael Arrington over on TechCrunch just gave it a glowing review: Tag Meta Search Done Right.

12:16:18 PM    Mudpit 

PC Magazine says that the Hotmail team is greatly expanding its beta to about 200,000 people. Cool. I really like the new service. If you want a video preview, I have video with the Hotmail Kahuna team here.

12:02:07 PM    Mudpit 

I've been playing with the new Yahoo Podcast center at:

I'm damn impressed. They passed the rest of the field and set a new bar for Google and the company I work for to meet. It's a very high bar, too.

I bet that teenagers will use THIS. In fact, this post is for my son (he loves podcasts). This will let him find more good ones.

1:05:22 AM    Mudpit 

Loic LeMeur hangs out with Steve Ballmer in Munich and talks about blogs with him.

Loic works for SixApart (the TypePad and Moveable Type folks) over in Europe. Hey, Loic, you should have signed Steve up! Wouldn't that have been a hoot?

12:54:04 AM    Mudpit 

Gary Price links to professor Marti Hearst's "awesome" UC Berkeley Class featuring many cool names in the tech world including a few from both Microsoft and Google (latest he posted about was Sergey Brin's presentation to Marti's class).

12:49:38 AM    Mudpit 

Jeremy Zawodny learned at Web 2.0 that teenagers don't use Yahoo for search. Oh, Jeremy, you have good company. They don't use MSN either. And, yes, that should be a wakeup call around here too!

That panel of 17-year-olds made an impression on more than a few attendees at the conference. It came up in several conversations I had at the geek dinner on Saturday night.

Another Web 2.0 session that came up in geek dinner conversation was Jim Lanzone's "What Matters?" presentation where he did some analysis of the blogosphere and found that Bloglines has a little more than a million feeds that have at least one subscriber, but that only 36,930 feeds have more than 20 subscribers and only 437 feeds had more than 1,000 subscribers.

Looking at what they are studying over at (they own Bloglines) I'd say they are building some sort of super blog search combined with something that looks like Memeorandum.

12:44:09 AM    Mudpit 

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