January 11, 2002

Welcome Radio 8.0!
6:50:15 PM  

I first started down the road of using a CMS with Frontier 5.0. First public release for Windows in December 1997.

I got familiar with the Frontier UI, UserTalk, scripts and all the tutorials/docs. But once I got up to speed, it was all natural to have this UserTalk verb set and a CMS to maintain Tomalak's Realm.

I went through and plugged in all the pieces. A script to store weblog entries, another script to publish to my FTP server, a script to generate the monthly archives, a script to generate the calendar for the archives, a script to format the text for a newsletter, custom database for the store and a personal search engine of articles and plugging in lots of contributed goodies from UserLand and community.

So now being part of the development of Radio 8.0, it's awesome to see there are going to be lots of people who are going to be playing around with a CMS (at under $40 US) and with an entire weblogging system already in place.

Watch the Radio UserLand site for the latest and a trial download.
8:07:35 AM  


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