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Thursday, March 25, 2004

The first installment of the DAB is Corinthians 1.1
5:03:11 PM    

I stumbled upon a great resource, thanks to Kole. A perfect content pool to delve from to create a constant rss enclosure loaded feed. has an audio version of every book and verse of the bible. The speaker is great, and most of the files are < 1 Mb. Perfect for developers to subscribe to for testing purposes. I'm going to do the first few days by hand, but should have the daily update to the daily bible audio feed automated by next week. Enjoy!
5:01:52 PM    

Welcome to the daily audio bible rss feed. From
4:46:33 PM    

Real Live Preacher: "This isn't good or bad. It's just the way of things. Nothing stays the same."
9:49:16 AM    

No posts yesterday, mainly due to meetings about the Operation Iraqi Sunrise DVD tghat we'll be releasing a few week's time. After that I flew home to be interviewed by leading dutch aviation magazine 'Piloot & Vliegtuig' (pilot and aircraft). Afterward I had a couple hours to play with the girls :) Today I'm brainstorming about my session at BCII.
9:46:15 AM    

Ik kende haar nog niet persoonlijk, maar nu zeker wat beter (zie foto) Alwien Tulner is actrice en speelt o.a. in Rozengeur Vodkalime. Chris Zegers heeft haar verlaten voor Wendy van Dijk, sukkel. Dit is een kanjer!
9:24:08 AM    

Het is weer donderdag, bijna weekend! Gisteren na de show naar uitgeverij Strengholt geweest met Katja en Jacco (van SBS) om de Operation Iraqi Sunrise te bespreken. Dat gaat helemaall goed komen. Later naar huis gevlogen alwaar ik 'smiddags werd geinterviewd voor 'Piloot en Vliegtuig' door Jan Cocheret. Jan is getrouwd met [vriendin van de ochtendshow] Cilly Dartell. Small world :)
3:55:04 AM    


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