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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Vrienden van de ochtendshow, woonwagen bewoners Joop en Jan hebben een 'pret doos' aan ons gestuurd. Ze werken allebei bij videotheek Climaxx in rotterdam. Prachtig kado boys, thanks!

10:02:32 AM    

Nu ik weer 'thuis' woon is de heli nog handiger. Om 11 uur begint de vlucht, eerst naar Wamel om bij GrandMasterView mijn wekelijkse bezoek te brengen. Ik hoor net, bij de weg, dat onze schermen hangen in de nieuwe Apple winkel in Amsterdam!

9:55:58 AM    

Peggy Jane de Schepper was vanmorgen te gast, leuke meid en ik vermoed dat ze echt getalenteerd is. Ze kan ballet, schermen, gebarentaal, motorrijden. Zingen echter, zoals bleek tijden de 'eggs in the morning' ligt haar niet zo :)

9:45:53 AM    

Ed: "When you all come out with different standards, we'll have to pick them all. IM lately?"

Pentdego: "End user do not care in what format they get there news as long as it works, so you fire up your favorite feed reader and expect it to show you your favorite stuff. By introducing different sorts of Web log syndication formats you might be introducing the same stuff that was one of the reasons for the failure of wap, incompatibility."

Keith: "What I see now is two groups fighting with each other, and my concern is that the focus right now is more on the developers than on the user."

6:45:16 AM    

Lots of conversation about yesterday's Atom/RSS post. Most of it technical stuff this I think I understand. The issue at hand is not technical at all. Keith Jenkins is a photo editor who uses rss professionally as a content creator and distributor. His concerns are exactly what I'm trying to point out.

RSS is a successful syndication format. Not only weblogs, but many 'BigPubs' use rss, like the NYTimes and CNN, even the Whitehouse website supports it.

However, if I want to subscribe to a weblog hosted by Google (blogger sites) or hosted on a MoveableType setup, I can't. I need to use a second aggregator for the Atom feeds, or I need to ask the developer of my current news aggregator add support for Atom. Why should I have to do this when rss works just perfectly? Ofcourse I shouldn't have to do this.

Additionally, I now need to create an Atom feed next to rss if I want all aggregators to receive my content. Why? They both do the same thing don't they?

I only see more work, more hassle and lots more wheel reinvention.

Users of all this wonderful technology like Keith and myself need to be aware of the forthcoming effort and cost involved with personal content distribution via multiple syndication formats. They will need to reserve resources like time and money, which will make content creation suffer.

Joi Ito and I started an email thread on this very topic yesterday, but he seems to have dropped out of the thread. I'm hoping he picks it up again. This stufff is important to users, many of whom are Joi's customers.

6:03:50 AM    


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