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Thursday, June 13, 2002

Posting to Movable Type, Radio and Blogger!

Posting to Movable Type, Radio and Blogger!

This is a test of a new post that goes to MT and Radio.

Since I have the Manila-Blogger Bridge Tool also running, it goes to a third place.

Just posting to Rado is enough to trigger its logic alongside that of the outliner's.

Should I enable Blogger posting too?

Sure. What the heck.

It works. Yehi.

Let's have fun!

2:42:26 PM Google It!

Outline attributes

The top level headline for each post has several invisible attributes attached

1. type: weblogPost.

2. checksum: A 32-character string, the result of MD5 encoding the concatenation of the title, link and description for the post.

3. ids: a table, containing the post id for one or more of the weblog managers. (You're allowed to flow your posts out to more than one.) The three possible sub-items are called blogger, radio, or movableType.

How they work together

When you first create a post, it has none of these attributes. They're added the first time you Publish.

Each subsequent time you Publish, the checksum is recomputed and compared against the stored value. If they are equal, we don't transmit the post. This allows you to keep dozens of posts around without slowing down publishing. Only the items that changed are retransmitted.

The post id is needed to make this work, and luckily the Blogger API provides for this.

What's missing

A permalink is sorely needed.

What I want to do is put my cursor on a post, click the View button, and a browser window opens, showing what the post looks like to my readers. This makes it easy to check links, and for formatting errors.

Note that the three blogging tools all allow posting of arbitrary HTML text through their XML-RPC interfaces. This is fantastic, it means you can use the outliner to construct and tweak HTML and XHTML structures.

I implemented support for this in Radio a couple of days ago. It took about five minutes to do. I imagine it would be equally easy for Blogger and Movable Type.

Please consider this a feature request. ;->


If there's already a way to do this please let me know. It's happened before.

2:36:54 PM Google It!

A picture named mtpost.gif 10:19:09 AM

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