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Friday, May 31, 2002

F.B.I. Was Warned It Could Not Meet Terrorism Threat. A top secret report warned the director of the F.B.I. in the months before Sept. 11 that the bureau lacked enough resources to meet the threat of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. By James Risen and David Johnston. [New York Times: NYT HomePage] 8:55:43 PM

Understanding Links in the Aggregator

I've got <link> fever today.

In addition to supporting the content-side of the feature implemented today for Radio and Manila, I'm now working on the aggregator, so that it is link-aware. This page details the changes, and a heads-up for developers who have built on the aggregator, your code may have to change to support redirected subscriptions. It also describes a set of tests you can do with Radio, to help verify that this works. I don't want to release it without some real-world testing.


If you have the time, please give it a test, and let me know how it goes.

It's an interesting bootstrap, not exactly sure how it began, or where it's going, but hey it's been an unusually productive day.

6:42:59 PM Google It!

Links in Heads

This weblog should now have a <link> element in its <head>. Testing.  Works.

Next test -- see if it works for a category. It should point to the RSS for the category, not for the Home Page. This entry also appears in the Michegas category. Do a view source over there and verify that it has a correct <link> element. Testing. Works.

Next step -- release the new macro, do a final pass over the docs, announce.

3:04:47 PM Google It!

A picture named krusty.gifA picture named krusty.gifA picture named krusty.gif 9:59:53 AM

Announcing: "The RadioPoint Tool turns the outliner into a presentation authoring program." 9:00:47 AM

A picture named tednelson.gifA picture named tednelson.gifA picture named tednelson.gifA picture named tednelson.gif 8:11:31 AM

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