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Saturday, May 04, 2002

Ordering Groceries in Aisle 'www'. Despite recent notable failures, Internet grocery shopping is quietly making a comeback. This time, however, the online grocer is likely to have the name of the local supermarket. By Terry Pristin. [New York Times: Technology] 11:26:16 PM

At Large in the Blogosphere. Blogs online news commentaries written, usually, by ordinary citizens are the antidote to the blow-dried anchor and the unsigned editorial. By Judith Shulevitz. [New York Times: Technology] 11:21:42 PM

Outage cleared

The lights are back on, with one caveat. We're now running Apache on Windows to do our static serving. Midway through the transition it locked up and we had to restart the machine. Of course since we serve at the pleasure of Murphy, the machine failed to restart. Why? We had installed a new 120GB hard drive, and W2K got lost on its way to restart. Once we cured that, the system started, Apache did its job, and the static server has been fast and reliable since. (It's only been a bit over an hour.) So we will pray for more good luck, it's really gone quite well today, net-net, and we're thankful for the lessons we've learned so far, and look forward to learning many more.

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Test post #2. 11:43:41 AM

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Outage update, 8AM

A picture named maude.gif

We have a new static server, it's fully installed at Exodus, with a copy of the content taken overnight. As with the last restoring, if you updated between last night and the time the switch is flipped (probably around 11AM today), some updates will not be there. Rather than having ten hours of downtime, we opted for this approach. We'll provide instructions on updating UserLand-hosted Radio sites after we flip the switch.

The rest of the day today, Murphy-willing, will be spent looking for breakage, and fixing stuff, and undoing the baling-wire and scotch tape we put in place to work around the outage.

I posted a note last night on the Radio-Dev list explaining the strategy for those who are curious and technical.


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