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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

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Scripting News blogroll on DHRB

I followed the instructions on Jake's weblog for creating a blogroll here on DHRB. I'm using the same outline I use to edit the leftlinks on Scripting News. Let's see if it works. It worked, but appeared in the wrong place. Now I have to tweak up the template. Back in a bit.

OK. Now it appears in the correct place. I'm going to use some CSS styles too.

Feedback to Jake:

  1. The default value of the processMacros boolean should be false. There's a small breakage issue on this, but the security issue is more important. People will incorporate outlines from other sources. Including a boolean was a good idea. But people should have to turn it on, to cause them to think about the source they are including.
  2. Plan for an ehancement that, if you link to a file whose name ends with .opml, it's somehow included in the blogroll.
  3. What happened to the white-on-orange XML button for the blogroll outline?

Links: Docs for the blogroll macro. CSS class list.

12:06:50 PM Google It!

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