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Thursday, May 02, 2002

MS' MIT prof witness gets toasted over KDE, GNOME. Drenched in GUI stuff... [The Register] 8:46:09 PM

IBM: Web services need Sun. In an about-face, Big Blue is paving the way for its rival to join a Web services standards organization, hoping to quell infighting that could put a damper on the emerging technology. [CNET News.com] 8:35:24 PM

Exec exodus continues at Sun. A senior executive responsible for bringing Sun Microsystems closer to open-source technology has left, the latest in a series of high-profile departures for the company. [CNET News.com] 8:31:51 PM

On a wish and a prayer

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls..

I was able to string some baling wire, with the help of lots of scotch tape, and now have a very temporary workaround to the outage.

It will be glitchy, for sure, but as you can see -- I am now able to post to my UserLand-hosted Radio weblog.

This buys us a little bit of time now to get the real outage cleared.

Pray to Murphy for our little community.

10:41:28 AM Google It!

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