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 dimanche 29 juin 2003

I wrote to Tim Bray to tell him that i was uncomfortable with the fact that he jumped onto the Echo project where some people behave in incorrect ways . He asked that i raised the issue on my weblog. Here it is:

No one builds protocols with insults and disrespect.

For some years, some people constantly insult or talk with no respect to Dave Winer on a lot of discussion forums, mailing-lists or weblog comment systems.

While constructive critics are most welcome of course in technical discussions, these kind of unacceptable behaviors have to come to an end.

Most people will see that behind the Echo project, there are a lot of these people (you'll easily find their names in the different comments, they always trash Dave Winer and don't raise technical points), and i'm sure that a lot of the bright people that do contribute (i think about Tim Bray here), don't realise the degree of hatred that was thrown into these discussions.

I'd like to see more people saying loud that Dave Winer's work has been great, leading the way for practical protocols like XML-RPC, RSS and OPML.

To be clear, a few weeks after Dave Winer had heart surgery, some of this guys insulted him violently, even wishing his death.

You don't play with this kind of things.

Thank's for listening.

Some have acted with disrespect, some thought they were smarter than the next one, some acted like total assholes, some acted like 7 years old kids, and some even really smart guys jumped too fast on initiatives with unclear and plain-wrong goals. Result: Scripting News is taking a break.

Weblogs lowers the barrier to entry, unfortunately the barrier is so low that wagons of assholes can enter and interfere with positive energies that drive new exciting tools, new simple protocols (simple as in "E=mc2 is simple", not simple=dumb), and keep the good vibes swinging.

Give me my Scripting News back, or i'll bite any assholes that still dare opening their mouth on forums and weblogs comments.


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