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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Life used to be so much easier. You sat down at a VT100, you got a VMS logon screen, and after LOGON.COM had run and set all of your symbols and logicals, you got a friendly Ď$í prompt. You fired up EDT (or LSE the Language Sensitive Editor, if you were progressive) and wrote some code, compiled it. Life was good.

Microsoft makes me crazy. Does anyone actually use the depth and breadth of the MS Word object model? Who? And for what? I guess Iíd rather have too much than too little, but I have never aspired to be a Word programmer. I just want to automate a couple of repetitive tasks. I guess Iím getting old. Nostalgic anyway. Truth be told, I never could remember Runoff Ďdot commandsí without looking them up either.

I am mostly kidding of course, but these times sure make it tough to be a generalist. There are so many nuances to every technology and platform that you really have to pick one or two and go with them.

I wish I didnít have to choose between Microsoft and everybody else. Besides, Iíll bet VMS would scream on a 1.4 GHz Pentium.
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