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daily link  Saturday, September 07, 2002

Thanks sincerely to all who commented on last Wednesday's post.

To some degree, the medium is (or should correspond to) the message with reasonable fidelity. So, minimally, there will be some sort of online version. While I have ruled out a password-protected, subscription-based weblog version (sigh ... a big part of me says it is clearly the way to go but that is probably far too strange a model to find adequate financial support), much else remains up for grabs.

Re paper: I love hold-able books and have thousands of them. Since I will be writing hyper-textually, I am not sure I can flatten out the content adequately to support paper as a primary publishing target - even if I didn't loathe BigPubCo's.

That said, being able to target the same content to maximal devices supporting maximal presentation formats is a priority. FileMaker is cool and worth a look. Docbook, yes. XML, of course. Note that Frontier certainly enables me to get the needed leverage.

Paolo's tool update service is also on the research list when it comes to convenient membership and sales.

Audience will determine much. Back on Monday about that. (Hint: it's time to push Radio past the star techie crew that so ably helps Captain Dave navigate and colonize a few of the Federation's planets).

I'll post the evolving outline later next week, rendered from Radio, of course. Radio's .opml format will serve as plumbing infrastructure for the publishing side.

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