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daily link  Monday, September 23, 2002

From today's Dive Into Mark:

"For each domain (RSS feeds, FOAF files, whatever), somebody (or some group) needs to come along and document best practices. We need better goal-oriented documentation. We have a lot of reference documentation, task-oriented documentation, but very little that documents that larger picture and answers questions written in English. “How do I include personal information in my RSS feed?” is a goal-oriented question. “Create a FOAF file using this tool and then insert this line at this location in your RSS feed” (with as many examples as necessary) is a goal-oriented answer. Anything less is like trying to master a foreign language by reading a dictionary."

I thought goal-oriented and task-oriented documentation were/are the same?

I think (thought) I am doing goal-oriented documentation but Mark hasn't given me enough help there to know what he means.

(BTW, I am a great admirer of his text on Python which I found one of the clearest texts of its kind ever written).

On another note, my first cut at a Radio book outline is done but I am worrying over it not unlike a dog over a bone. Bad. Bad. Note to self: put it up and get on with it. Or get on with something.


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