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daily link  Friday, January 24, 2003

« Birth of a future .NET hacker? »

Heather Ashley Gentile. congrats to Sam and Sue [Simon Fell]

Best wishes to the entire family!

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« And in the More-Than-You-Wanted-To-Know category... »

Dive into Premium!. A new and better way to experience the "Dive Into" empire! For only a few cents a day, you get fast, uncluttered access to your favorite "Dive Into" sites, with premium features available only to subscribers. Source:Dive Into Premium . Finally! All of those pop-ups, pop-unders, ?DoubleClick cookies, and epilepsy-inducing banners were really getting to me. And if Mark Pilgrim can do for full frontal nudity what he did for web accessibility, I'm sure we're seeing the start of something big here. [0xDECAFBAD]


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