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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Reverse Astrology

According to this, I'm a Gemini or maybe a Cancer, but someone has been lying to me all these years about my birthdate: no way am I a Leo.

Of course, this is base on a self-administered "personality" test, which is only a little bit more accurate than a horoscope in the first place. [via Randi]

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Nigerian Letter Scams

Here's the way to handle the Nigerian sammers: play them along. Lots of funny letters; it's tempting, but what a lot of work!
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Moon Landing Fake

Here is definite proof the moon landing took place on a Hollywood soundstage and not on the moon. This blows the lid off NASA's lies.
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The Hypocrisy of Farm Subsidies. The path out of poverty for third world farmers has been perversely blocked by the subsidies that rich countries pay their farmers and agricultural businesses. [New York Times: Opinion]

And the further hypocrisy of farm subsidies is that they don't help what was called the backbone of America, the small farmer, but are nearly entirely devoted to large corporations. Don't call them farm subsidies call them corporate socialism.
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'Lost Discoveries': The Non-Western Roots of Science. Dick Teresi has chronicled the contributions of Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Polynesians and Mesoamericans to modern scientific thought. By Stephen S. Hall. [New York Times: Science]

Sounds interesting:

In the early 1990's Dick Teresi went to Portland, Ore., where the county school board had started a politically correct and ill-starred program dedicated to ''multicultural science.'' Among the curriculum tools it devised, he notes in ''Lost Discoveries,'' was a series of essays explaining how the ancient Egyptians used sophisticated gliders for travel and recreation, how the Incas floated above the Nasca plain in hot-air balloons and how the Egyptians had also mastered advanced skills in precognition and psychokinesis. Teresi was promptly dispatched by a magazine to debunk these claims, which he did with relish. As he writes in his book, ''One can only wonder why this ancient civilization, with airplanes and telekinesis at its disposal, bothered with swords and spears to fight its battles.''

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Hitchens, again, on the multitude of deceptions of Henry Kissinger, and why his selection to lead the independent inquiry into 911 shows how seriously Bush doesn't want this inquiry to take place. It's a pretty remarkable catalog of lies.
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Here's a good piece by Christopher Hitchens on the meaning of Anti-Americanism. We're hearing this term bandied about a lot these days, mostly coming from those who think that criticizing Bush's warmongering is anti-American. Hitchens is sharper than the right wing wackos.

 But what if, just for a moment, one tried to classify something as "anti-American" for its own sake? My nomination would go to Pat Robertson, who appeared on the television in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 atrocity and declared that the mass murder in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania was a divine punishment for a society that indulged secularism, pornography, and homosexual conduct. Here is a man who quite evidently dislikes his own society and sympathizes, not all that covertly, with those who would use violence and fanaticism to destroy it. He dislikes this society, furthermore, for the very things that it tends to advertise about itself, namely permissiveness and variety. If this is not "anti-American" then the term is truly meaningless.

Well put, and something I've been trying to say for a while. If I criticize warmongerning, then I'm anti-American, but a slime like Tom DeLay can call the EPA "gestapo" and he's a patriot.

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