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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Star Wars TV Show. The lunatick writes "IESB and report a Star Wars TV show. Lucas will not direct it just produce it. Kevin Smith (Silent Bob, the clerks series) is named as a possible director." [Slashdot]

I'll believe it when I see it. I do think Kevin Smith would do a better job than Lucas did in the most recent two movies, but you could say that about almost anybody.
7:07:50 PM    comment ()

Susan Kitchens blogged today's space flight from Mojave. [Scripting News]

With lots of pictures!
7:00:28 PM    comment ()

Why We Cannot Win []

An excellent essay from a NCO in Civil Affairs in Iraq.
10:39:23 AM    comment ()

Private Rocket Unofficially Reaches Space. [Yahoo! News]

The first flight was a success! The next flight is scheduled for Monday, and if that goes well they'll win the X Prize.
10:27:41 AM    comment ()

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