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Friday, September 02, 2005

Report From New Orleans. Writes Ronald J. Theriot, Jr.: "Mr. Rockwell: On Tues. August 30th I went to St. John the Baptist Parish Civil Defense and asked if they needed volunteers to help w/the rescue operations in New Orleans. They seemed indifferent and said... By Lew Rockwell. [ Blog]

Apparently it's possible for people to make it into New Orleans, rescue some people, and drive them out again. Something to think about for anyone living nearby.
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Eyeballing Katrina Damage 02. September 2, 2005 [Cryptome]

More photos. There's also a page with older photos.
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New dedicated picture server: [The Interdictor]

Photos from New Orleans.
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Police fired warning shots, New Orleans tourists tell. Frightened Japanese, European and American tourists say police fired over their heads to end their attempt to leave New Orleans.

Stranded since Hurricane Katrina hit the city on Monday, the 200 tourists were thrown out of their hotel on Thursday morning and said they were confronted by police as they attempted to get to buses to take them to safety. [ABC Online]
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