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Sunday, January 13, 2002

  Radio's Mail-to-Weblog feature is very cool indeed. The post below was submitted via a NTT Docomo i-mode phone's email application (all the way from Japan). Maybe it's the first Radio weblog posting to come in via i-mode?? We used the P503i model phone, which has a version of J2ME built in. The first Java enabled phone in the world. This particular phone was available in Japan almost 1 year ago !

Does anyone know of any i-mode weblogs out there?  Send me an email

Traveling to Japan anytime soon? Know someone who is? Check out Japan In Your  Complete English restaurant menus, Japanese phrases and other handy content.  View on the web or download a mini-version of the site to your PDA with AvantGo.  An even mini-er version of the site for i-mode (shrink browser screen for "full effect").

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>From my i-mode phone in Japan
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Good evening folks.  I'm going to try the Email-to-Weblog feature from my i-mode phone in Japan next.
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I wonder if the in-quotes feature from Manila works here for posting a link to a story:  "A Sample Story"

It doesn't work, in practice here. It's also mentioned in the discussion group that this feature was left out.  Here's an attempt at a old fashioned link to A Simple Story

Please note that although you might save text files (as a story is saved), to view on the live web you must add the html extension.  You can only go extension-less as DW mentions on Radio UserLand for Developers on your local Radio application

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