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daily link  Sunday, December 19, 1999

I installed Corel's Linux OS on my Intel box at home this weekend. It's definitely the easiest to install version of Linux that anyone's come out with yet, and it's almost completely appropriate for a novice user. I like the default install of Red Hat 6.1 better, but I had Linux installed in about half an hour.

If you have a color printer, this gift box PDF from lindkvist.com is neat for holiday gift giving.

I ventured out to the mall today after yesterday's really mixed Internet shopping experience. Man, people are out of control, fighting in the parking lot over spaces, running right into each other inside the mall. Really into the holiday spirit. I'm pretty much done with my shopping.

Virtual Plastic has to be the best site I've found that covers customizing and tweaking your Windows based PC's GUI.

I went into some sort of Icon frenzy tonight. You'll find an extensively updated ICON section on the links page.

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