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daily link  Tuesday, December 28, 1999

A beta version of Macster , a Napster client for the Macintosh, has been released.

My brother and his girlfriend just arrived from New York to celebrate the new year. Should be some fun going on here over the next few days. He's the first family member to visit me in Atlanta.

Watch out Apple, there' some powerful looking PowerPC machines coming down the pike for running LinuxPPC. This one , the RioRed, looks pretty badass.

Many others are pointing to it today(I found it at rc3.org), but the origin of a browser ,about Netscape's evolution, is worth pointing to nonetheless. I remember all of it almost, except for the first couple of beta versions. It's amazing that this was only a few years ago because it feels like forever. I actually still have the retail boxed version of Netscape 1.1 with manual in original packaging. i've been hanging on to it for nostaligia purposes. Perhaps I'll scan the box and manual covers and post them. Any interest in seeing that?

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