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daily link  Tuesday, February 5, 2002

news.com - Giants forging Web services consortium This might as well be entitled "Giants forging giant press release." 11:44:07 PM  permalink  discuss []  

If you thought yesterday's link was scary, try this one on for size. 1997 baby, and now it's right here living in my database. You don't know how good that makes me feel. I spent most of the day today doing the grunt work necessary to make this happen. This involved turning my pre-Blogger posts from November 1997 to March 2000 into XML files. Once I got there, the work we did this week with Blogger import took over. Now everyone has easy access to all the meaningless drivel I wrote back then in addition to the drivel I'm turning out now. I'm sure that's just what the Internet needs. 11:18:40 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Return of the test post. This time though, may be the last time. 8:15:32 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Hmmmm. 2:03:41 AM  permalink  discuss []  

Word of warning, don't link to stuff at the permalink level on this site for the time being. There will be dust, and it will settle. Linking at the day level is fine, that shouldn't break. 12:44:51 AM  permalink  discuss []  

Wanna see something scary? Check this out. (Thanks Dave and Aaron.) 12:02:55 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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