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daily link  Thursday, February 21, 2002

For you news hounds that aren't using something that aggregates news like Radio, AmphetaDesk seems to do what Radio does on the news aggregation front, and it's written in PERL. 9:59:21 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Ideapad: Gap Music 9:53:04 PM  permalink  discuss []  

CNN: S. Korea considering speed skating lawsuit Okay, I saw the replay last night, and I'm no short track speed skating expert, but they read the rule, and it seemed like he did break it. Definitely a judgement call though, and it must be tough to swallow when you work as hard as these athletes do towards a goal. 9:29:37 PM  permalink  discuss []  

I'm using Windows XP today. Man is IE faster on this box, with an equivalent processor, than it is on my Mac OS X boxes. I've tried running OmniWeb (no css support to speak of) and OPera on my Mac OS X boxes, but neither is as compatible with the sites I visit as Internet Explorer. Of course, the reason the sites are more compatible with Internet Explorer is because more people use Internet Explorer than any other browser. So the people who design the sites test them against Internet Explorer. We need another browser to get at least 30% market share very badly. 9:17:17 PM  permalink  discuss []  

One more comment about my hockey watching. The IOC, very wisely, won't stop the games for American style tv timeouts. As a result, NBC takes commercial breaks whenever they feel like there is a stoppage in play. At least once in the last week, this has meant we have missed goal scoring plays. I understand that without the commercials, there would be no television coverage, but at the same time, the way they are doing things is really frustrating to the fan. 9:12:54 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Rob Fahrni, at the core.: "This is a total crackup. Because of the lawsuit we can't charge folks like we used to. " ummm, I'm not laughing. Suddenly, I have an inkling how the rest of the world must feel when Americans force our economic agenda on them. I should do this a bit of justice by elaborating.

So, the only way to make the contracts all the same was to raise the prices for companies who were getting special deals? What about lowering the prices for everyone else who wasn't getting that special pricing? Clearly, Microsoft continues to count their Operating Systems unit as a very profitable one, so why wouldn't this be an option. One reason: Greed. 6:58:33 PM  permalink  discuss []  

New Flash Player for Mac OS 10.1.x 6:29:03 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Moodstats is a cross platform app, from the Kaliber 10000 folks, for tracking your mood and other daily measurements of your life, and a journal application. It also lets you upload your data to a server once you have registered it so you can see aggregate mood data. Pretty neat, today is my third day so I finally get to see the charting aspects. 6:16:14 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Looking back at my blog post during the Nagano games four years ago, I notice that, out of the Nagano Games' sites that I linked to, the only one that isn't still up is the official Olympics site. What's the deal with that? I mean, this is an opportunity to keep history up there. 5:57:44 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Yesterday, in between bouts of being frustrated with my computer equipment and software, I watched all four Olympic hockey games that were televised. I've only missed one or two of the televised games since the start of the games. I can tell you that, with a couple of exceptions, this is the best televised hockey I've ever seen, and the best games are ahead of us still. Who would have imagined that Sweden would kick Canada's butt? Who would have thought that Belarus would then beat Sweden? The upcoming US vs. Russia game, twenty two years ago to the day from the upset in 1980, will be hard played. 5:52:41 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Do you know David Gallagher? If not, then you should use Google to search for David Gallagher. I think that David Gallagher will end up the most famous David Gallagher on Google soon enough. 5:17:37 PM  permalink  discuss []  

It's nice to be back in the world of the living update. For the record, whatever happened to my install of Radio was undoubtedly my own fault. Nothing that I couldn't rebuild using my Blogger archives and my existing templates etc... 4:17:40 PM  permalink  discuss []  

This is a test of my fresh start with Radio. Things got a little crazy there. 2:23:35 PM  permalink  discuss []  

Starting from scratch today. First, however, I'm walking away from the computer for a few hours. 9:23:31 AM  permalink  discuss []  

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