Friday, March 21, 2003

ABCNEWS Reports Saddam Seen Leaving Baghdad Complex on a Gurney After Strike

ABC News reported live at 4:15 AM (PST) that intelligence sources are reporting Saddam Hussein was seen being wheeled out of a Baghdad residential complex on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on, Wednesday night after the complex was struck in strikes by the United States. Further intelligence reports are saying Saddam's son Uday was killed.

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KABC 790 Logo
KABC Radio is Streaming Online Again

KABC 790 AM Radio in Los Angeles notified me yesterday they have turned on streaming again. It appears that the Iraq situation and other world events finally got the Disney management off their butts. It's about time.

KABC which was the nation's first talk radio station, is broadcasting local and world news with live talk 24/7 using Windows Media Player. Even weekend fluff progamming has been prempted to focus on the news from the middle east.  Callers from anywhere can call in at 1-800-222-KABC. For more info log into the station website's webcasting site.

Note: It appears they are omitting the commericals to keep the AFTRA/SAG types out of their checkbooks, and The O'Reilly Factor 9AM-11AM Pacific Time is not being webcast because of their contract. Other than that... it's live!

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