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Friday, February 4, 2005
> Kenneth Lochhead

"A member of The Regina Five, Kenneth Lochhead is celebrated nationally for his colour-field stem paintings of the early 1960s. Yet little is known of his beginnings as a student in Philadelphia and Europe, an art school and gallery administrator, landscape and mural painter in Regina during the 1950s, or his subsequent abstract and representational work in Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa."(MacKenzie Art Gallery | Kenneth Lochhead Garden of Light 1948-2002 January 29, 2005 to May 23, 2005 Organized by the MacKenzie Art Gallery Curated by Ted Fraser)
A picture named images2.jpegA picture named images.jpegA picture named images1.jpeg(Fusion)              (Dark Green Centre)      (Heat Rise)

The Regina Five
"Ken Lochhead arrived in Regina in 1950 as a 24-year-old to direct the School of Art at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina College and begin development of the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery. Lochhead also revitalized the Emma Lake Artists' Workshops. He was described as a remarkable and exceptional "modernist phenomenon" by art historian John O'Brian. The new Emma Lake brought the most significant players in the international modern art world to Saskatchewan. The workshops nurtured contemporary art in the province and brought attention and recognition to it, especially to the Regina Five. Lochhead was born in Ottawa and studied in Philadelphia and several European locations. Lochhead was the first to leave the province and went on to accept teaching positions at the Universities of Manitoba, York and finally Ottawa. Lochhead still lives and paints in Ottawa."(University of Regina | Campus News)

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