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What you alter in the remembering has yet a reality, known or not. - Cormac McCarthy


Monday, February 21, 2005
> Leonard Cohen

" On a napkin he scribbled: Jesus! I just remembered what Lisa's favourite game was. After a heavy snow we would go into a back yard with a few of our friends. The expanse of snow would be white and unbroken. Bertha was the spinner. You held her hands while she turned on her heels, you circled her until your feet left the ground. Then she let go and you flew over the snow. You remained still in whatever position you landed. When everyone had been flung in this fashion into the fresh snow, the beautiful part of the game began. You stood up carefully, taking great pains not to disturb the impression you made. Now the comparisons. Of course you would have done your best to land in some crazy position, arms and legs sticking out. Then we walked away, leaving a lovely white field of blossom-like shapes with footprint stems."(Leonard Cohen | The Favourite Game)
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"We're drawn to the truth. We're drawn to the truth when we hear it and when we see it. We're hungry for the truth. We're always surprised because the truth manifests itself in so many different ways and in so many different forms. You can hear it for a moment from your friend, you can hear it from your wife, you can hear it from your children. You can hear it for a moment in a song on the radio. It is so precious when you hear it that you are immediately drawn to it. So I tend to be wary of confining this expression of truth to one kind of activity, one kind of artistic activity."(Leonard Cohen: A Portrait in First Person | a transcript of a television program |Moses Znaimer)

:: note :: . . . as much as I'm drawn to truth I'm always left asking whose truth . . . not so much truth as being drawn to the traces in the snow and the footprint stems that lead to & from the blossoms of life . . . follow the paths . . . create the paths . . .

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