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Sunday, July 10, 2005
> how do we

last night on the corner of Ave. B & 25th
a drunk sreamed
"hit me again"
removed his shirt
pounded his open palm
smashed a ghost to the pavement
& stood defiant snarling like Ali
a car speed by shattering the twilight
the shirtless dark haired fighter
rocked uneasily between the cracks of the world

i couldn't watch anymore
wondered if he would go to the corner
where his shirt hung on the green picket fence
the nights are hot and getting hotter
the sun dries even the deepest recesses of the basement
the river flows mightily
after a relentless month of rain and run-off
sand clogs the water treatment plant
a water ration is ordered
no showers allowed
imagined being smashed to the floor while showering
instead wipe myself down with a cold wash cloth

in the morning the shirt is gone
the dusty parked blue car
a witness to the entire incident
is still there
the wild grasses grow tall between the fence planks
an empty bus screams by
it is midday
the sky darkens
how do we prove ourselves worthy of love

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