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Sunday, June 4, 2006

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"An intimate, evening-length performance of the hereditary compositions of the female court dancers and male dance-masters of South India. play draws inspiration from the salon performances that were given by devadasis in South India until the early part of the twentieth century, and therefore relies heavily on the subtle and nuanced use of the face, hands and Karnatak music. inDANCE's representations of devadasi repertoire are thus stylized abstractions that call attention to the language of desire, love and jouissance once spoken by devadasi women, and today silenced by their disappearance. Conceptualized within a modern aesthetic framework, play is an evening of never-before-performed antiquated repertoire that speaks to a universal audience."(inDance Repertoire | play (2002) )

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:: note :: ... a stunning evening of classical Indian Dance at the Broadway Theater (Saskatoon) ... honouring the powerful rich tradition with elegance, splendour and stength artists Dr. Srividya Natarajan & Hari Krishnan released beauty & energy ...

...with a spirit attending to the very source of song and dance play evoked a place of working memory ... with the pure simplicity of joy the Devadasis or temple dancers celebrated in all human and godly complexity desire, love & adventure ...

... with the depth of the feet vibrating the stage and the vastness of the arms extending in fluid power the bold yet paradoxically subtle and nuanced stories transcended time and space ...

... with tenacious commitment to their disciplines and their remarkable wisdom the creative presence of inDANCE will never be forgotten ...

... thanks to ICCA and all the sponsores for their vision ...

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