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Thursday, May 22, 2008
> Jayne Wark Lecture

A picture named NSCAD.jpg ... attended Public Lecture Dr. Jayne Wark Conceptual Art in Canada: Histories, Geographies and Debates: a lecture offered in tandem with the Mendel's exhibition of Iain Baxter& ... talk described three Canadian conceptual art workers: General Idea, N.E. Thing Co. and NSCAD ... honoured the influence of McLuhan ... explored the interrogations/anti-visual language/idea machine & viral aspects of conceptual art + the methodologies of art production/commodification/capitalism ... lecture was accompanied by a powerpoint slideshow ... concluded with a challenge to "tone up" ... a metaphor to critically examine the historical revisionism surrounding conceptual art, to correct the much neglected documentation of canadian conceptual art and finally how "conceptual art continues to define Canadian contemporary art, and its legacy is being mined by the young artists of today." ...

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:: note :: ... thanks for the solid intro both dense and clear ... want to become an Artoficial ...

"To Baxter, snobbishness and pretension often hinder the public from enjoying art, and he debunks both through his N.E. Thing Co., which produces buttons labeled "Artoficial" and passes them out to N.E. one who will wear them. The button presumably entitles the wearer to make official statements on art - though Baxter clearly regards this distinction as somewhat artificial. The company also issues certificates for ACT (Aesthetically Claimed Things) and ART (Aesthetically Rejected Things). The Great Wall of China rates an ACT seal of approval, while some of Picasso's paintings get the ART booby prize."(Statements in Paint)

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