Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Along similar lines as the Java IAQ, saladwithsteve mentions this wonderful paper from IBM entitled Dispelling Java programming language myths.

The article covers a number of interesting and subtle points regarding Java programming. One key point that the article indirectly makes is that Java's garbage collection and strong typing does not excuse lazy programming practices.

Many times I have run into a hunk of Java code that depletes scarce resources-- file descriptors, threads, etc..-- through just plain lazy development practices. The Garbage Collector will clean up after me is not a valid design pattern!
11:51:03 AM    

Waddya know... another birthday. Actually, it'll be my birthday in about 35 minutes [12:10pm CST on 12/10]. I would have been born on the 9th, but the local university basketball team [MU Tigers] went into overtime during a pivotal game in the season. So, the Doc put Mom on hold and I was born on the 10th.

Life's like that, sometimes, but I can't complain. Certainly not a moment of boredom so far!
12:38:41 AM