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Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Coliseum Books has reopened in its new location; 11 West 42nd Street. It was sad when they were forced to close at 57th and Broadway.
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How about those Mets? (groan) I think that the Boston should be crying foul; the Yankees got to play the Mets for two weekends and trashed them. It is almost like giving them an automatic 6 points in the win column. If the Yankees capture their division by the number of games they played the Mets there should be an investigation.

I am a Met fan, always will be and I love baseball. The first ballgame I went to was in Ebberts Field; saw the Dodgers beat some team (I never was any good with details like that). I remember being awed by the size and beauty of the field. I also remember (or at least I think I remember) that Carl Erskine pitched a no-hitter and it was announced at the end of the game that he was being given a bonus of $500.00 for his feat. My oldest brother was pissed at me because he didn't think I was old enough to appreciate the game (I was 10, he was a more mature 15 or 16).

The News has an ongoing column about sports in NY. In this morning's paper it was on the auto accident of Roy Campanella. I can remember hearing it on the news that day. He was my baseball "hero". He was a catcher, as was I and I just liked his persona.

I knew all the Dodgers, stats etc. until that accident and the move to LA. After that I lost interest in that part of baseball. Right now I can't name more than five players on the Mets. I am constantly saying things like, "When did the Mets get him?" and am told three or four years ago.

So much for what was. The Mets stink worse than East Broadway on a hot summer afternoon; which is very bad.
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