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Monday, October 14, 2002

The Changing Face of Terrorism

Gerald Holton writes: There has been an historic transition in which Type I terrorism and Type II terrorism are being combined.  Type I terrorism consists of acts by individuals or small groups that aim to impose terror on other individuals and groups, and through them indirectly on their governments.  Type II terrorism is the imposition by a government on groups of local or foreign populations. The new type of terrorism — Type III — is carried out by a substantially larger group of individuals, is aimed directly at a national population, and has all the components for success.  The article deals with how this new terrorism, at very little psychic cost on the perpetrators, disrupts personal and historic memory through large-scale catastrophe organized for that purpose. Type III terrorism is made easier by the ready availability of high-level technology.  Target nations will not have open to them the conventional responses, and will have to devise new, preventive measures. (10/14/02)


The Lost People

Thom Hartman writes: The worse fate that could befall any people. The most horrific crime humans can commit against other humans. ... this is what happened a few thousand years ago to my people, to the Whites of Europe, who for 70,000 years prior to that had lived tribally just as your elders did. It was done first by the Celts, who conquered and consolidated most of the tribal people of Europe 3000 years ago. It was then done more thoroughly by Julius Caesar of the pre-Christian Romans 2000 years ago. And it was absolutely finished by the iron-fisted “Christian” Romans 1000 years ago as their new Church sought out and destroyed all the ancient places, banned the old rituals, and tortured and murdered people who practiced the ancient European tribal religions. They even converted all alphabets to the Roman alphabet, and forced European people to change their holy days, calendars, and even the date (the year 1 or “beginning of time”) to one that marked the beginning of the Roman Christian Empire’s history. This massive and thorough stripping of their identity and ancient ways — this “great forgetting,” as the Australian Aborigines refer to it — is why my people often behave as if they are “insane.” It is why they are disrespectful of our Mother the Earth and the life on Her. It is why so many of my people want to be like you and your people, to the point of dressing in buckskin and carrying medicine pouches and building sweat lodges from California to Maine to Germany. It is why we have hundreds of “odd” religions and paths, and why so many of my people flit from Hinduism to Buddhism to Paganism like a butterfly going from flower to flower: they have no roots, no tribe, no elders, no path of their own. All were systematically destroyed by the Celts, the Romans, and then the Roman Catholics. Whites in America and Europe — and Blacks who were brought to America as slaves and have since lost their ancient ways and languages — are a people bereft. They are alone and isolated from their ancient clans and tribes. Broken apart from the Earth, they are unable to reclaim their ancient languages, practices, and medicine…because these are gone, totally destroyed, even to the last traces. (10/14/02)


The Holy

Daniel Quinn's new book is available NOW! (10/14/02)


Ozone Hole Appears to be Healing

New York Times -- Is the ozone layer healing? Satellite observation of the hole that developed over Antarctica in the mid-1980's shows that it has split in two and has shrunk considerably since last year, making it the smallest it has been since 1988. ...With long-lived ozone-destroying chemicals banned under the Montreal Protocol of 1987, the hole should shrink and disappear by 2050 or so, scientists say. (10/14/02)



Lethality--What's in a word?

New York Times -- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday that, "Looking at what was overwhelming force a decade or two decades ago, today you can have overwhelming force, conceivably, with lesser numbers because the lethality is equal to or greater than before," he said. It has been a mistake, he added, to measure the quantity of forces required for a mission and "fail to look at lethality, where you end up with precision-guided munitions which can give you 10 times the lethality that a dumb weapon might, as an example." With a need for fewer bombs to strike designated targets, the military would also require fewer ships to haul the munitions to the war zone, General Pace said. General Pace, the four branches of the armed services and the Joint Staff are conducting studies to measure how quickly the military can deliver its firepower anywhere on the globe. "If you can deliver five divisions anywhere in the world in 90 days, might you have the same impact by getting three divisions there in 30 days?" he said. "Because speed is a force enhancement, force multiplier." Through a combination of pre-deployments, faster cargo ships and a larger fleet of transport aircraft, the military would be able to deliver "fewer troops but in a faster time that would allow you to have concentrated power that would have the same effect as waiting longer with what a bigger force might have," General Pace said. (10/13/02)


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