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Monday, October 28, 2002

Trustegrities— Protecting the Future

Timothy Wilken, MD writes:  The Trustegrities will be three with separate but complimentary missions in service to humankind. The Earth Trustegrity will provide: 1) Access to land and natural resources for personal use at minimal or no cost, and 2) Access to land and natural resources for synergic production with appropriate charges payable to the Earth Trustegrity in lease or rental fees, licensing fees, and/or revenue shares. All rental fees, licensing fees, and/or revenue shares are entrusted to the Earth Trustegrity for Humanity as Community. The Life Trustegrity will provide: 3) Safety from crime and war, and full access to: 4) Comfortable, safe, healthy housing. 5) Good nutritious food 6) Good preventitive health services and comprehensive cradle to grave medical care, and access to the privilege of Reproduction based on fairness, equality, and mutual benefit to both humanity as Individuals and humanity as Community. This would include monitoring administrating, adjudicating the Trust privilege of Reproduction. 7) Access to animals and plants including native flora and wildlife for personal use at minimum or no cost. 8) Access to animals and plants including native flora and wildlife for synergic production with approriate charges payable to the Life Trustegrity in rental fees, licensing fees and/or revenue shares. All payments made are entrusted to the Earth Trustegrity for Humanity as Community. The Time-binding Trustegrity will provide: 9) Full education to an individual’s ability and interest regardless of age, 10) The opportunity to participate in synergic organization and invest their action and leverage to earn revenue shares and acquire property throughout their full lifetime. 11) Access to communication with humanity as individuals and to humanity as community for personal reasons, for synergic production and consumption, and for synergic consensus utilizing Unanimous Rule Democracy. 12) Protection of the intellectual discoveries and inventions of Time-binding whether they be in the Time-binding Trust, or the Property of living humans.  (10/28/02)


Psychological Roots of the Environmental Crisis

Peter Russell writes:  We might compare humanity to a person who has fallen sick. His skin may be erupting in boils; he may have pains in the stomach and be running a fever. A doctor who merely gave the person ointments, pain relievers and something to suppress the temperature would not be considered very wise. Clearly, true healing requires that, in addition to treating the various symptoms, one must also look more deeply at what underlies them. Perhaps a foreign bacteria is present; maybe there is vitamin deficiency; or possibly the person's emotional state is responsible. If the roots of the symptoms are not also attended to then it is almost certain that the sickness will reappear, possibly in other forms. Similarly with humanity. Our lack of respect for Nature, our short-term thinking, and the damage we have caused to the biosystem, are all symptoms of some deeper underlying problem. We certainly need to clean up our act, but if we do not also look to the root cause of our inappropriate behaviours, then it is very possible that it will erupt in other symptoms. So the question I wish to address is: What is the root of of our environmental crisis? Or to put it another way; Why is this conference necessary in the first place? Why is it that one species out of millions can disrupt the natural balance in so many ways and with such dire consequences? (10/28/02)


Get Chipped!

Wired Magazine -- The maker of an implantable human ID chip has launched a national campaign to promote the device, offering $50 discounts to the first 100,000 people who register to get embedded with the microchip. Applied Digital Solutions has coined the tagline "Get Chipped" to market its product, VeriChip. The rice-size device costs $200. Those implanted must also pay for the doctor's injection fee and a monthly $10 database maintenance charge, said ADS spokesman Matthew Cossolotto. The VeriChip emits a 125-kilohertz radio frequency signal that transmits its unique ID number to a scanner. The number then accesses a computer database containing the client's file. Customers fill out a form detailing the information they want linked to their chip when they undergo the procedure, Cossolotto said. ... The company plans to develop a prototype for an implantable GPS ID chip by the end of the year. (10/28/02)


Viagra Good for the Wildlife

New Scientist -- The success of the anti-impotence drug Viagra has drastically reduced the demand for wild animal body parts used in traditional cures for impotence, a new analysis shows. Researchers in Canada and Australia have shown that since the drug was introduced in 1998, worldwide trade in parts of some species has fallen by more than 70 per cent. The reason for Viagra's popularity is clear, says Frank von Hippel of the University of Alaska: "Viagra is cheaper than many animal products and its action is pronounced, immediate and effective." Von Hippel and his brother William at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, analysed data on three legally traded species used in traditional medicines: Alaskan reindeer, which are hunted for antler velvet, hooded seals and harp seals, which are both hunted for their genitalia. Antler sales fell by 72 per cent from $700,000 in 1997 to $200,000 in 1998. The number of seal penises being traded fell from around 40,000 in 1996 to 20,000 in 1998. The decline in the trade of harp seal penises has also been documented by Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans, who reported the price per organ had dropped from $100 to $15 by 1999. (10/28/02)


Paul Wellstone and Family Dead

CNN News -- Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia died Friday in a small plane crash near Eveleth, Minnesota, that also killed three staff members and two pilots. The plane went down in snowy, frozen rain and then burst into flames in a wooded area about 7 miles east of Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport. Officials said the last contact with the plane was at 10:20 a.m. CDT when the plane was about 2 miles from the airport. ... Wellstone had one of the most liberal voting records in Congress. The two-term Democrat was known for taking stands that defied the prevailing political winds, such as his recent vote against a resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq or his vote against the 1996 Welfare Reform Act.  (10/28/02)


750 Rescued, 140 Die in Moscow Theater

CNN World -- The death toll suffered in bringing an end to the three-day Moscow theatre siege has risen to 90 captives and 50 hostage-takers. More than 750 hostages were rescued, including all 75 non-Russians and 25 children, when special forces stormed the building. But the death toll is much higher than originally thought -- it had first been said that only 10 captives had died. Russian special forces, from the Federal Security Service (FSB), used a sedative gas before storming the theatre early Saturday. Many captives were taken to hospital suffering from the effects of the chemical. It was a sudden end to the siege which began when armed Chechens took over the theatre, threatening to kill hostages unless Russia stopped its military campaign in the breakaway republic. Russian President Vladimir Putin apologised for the captives' deaths in a television address saying: "Please forgive us. The memory of the victims must unite all of us." (10/28/02)

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