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  Monday, April 2, 2007

Global warming: The Earth is a beautifully complex system

NewMexiKen: "Best line of the day, so far [from the AP], 'The Supreme Court ordered the federal government on Monday to take a fresh look at regulating carbon dioxide emissions from cars, a rebuke to Bush administration policy on global warming.'"

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Say hello to WIKISKY.ORG. Fun for sky watchers.

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Tommy Thompson for president?

Political Wire: "Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) declared his intention to run for president on ABC News' This Week with George Stephanopoulos this morning."

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? for president?

Political Wire: "'Two Democratic presidential candidates broke previous fundraising records during the first three months of the year, with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton setting a high bar of $26 million in new contributions for the quarter,' the AP reports Meanwhile, John Edwards "raised more than $14 million since the beginning of the year.'

"Key caveat: 'Clinton aides would not reveal how much of her total was available only for the primary election and how much could be used just in the general election, if she were the party's nominee. By not breaking down the amount available for the primaries, the Clinton camp made it impossible to assess how much of an edge she actually has over Edwards. Edwards' aides said about $1 million of his $14 million in contributions could only be used in the general election, should he win the nomination.' The Hotline suggests Sen. Barack Obama may have raised $21 million for the first quarter. By not announcing immediately, his campaign may be trying to achieve maximum publicity by letting everyone else go first. The New York Times reports Gov. Bill Richardson raised $6 million. Sen. Christopher Dodd raised $4 million. Sen. Joe Biden raised $3 million. The bottom line comes from The Politico, noting Clinton 'did not appear to open the sort of gap between herself and leading rivals that would presage the lopsided primary contest some expected as recently as late last year. And it seemed unlikely that her first-quarter numbers would knock out any of her main competitors.'"

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Tancredo for president?

From yesterday's Denver Post, "U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo plans to announce today on an Iowa radio program that he is running for president, two sources close to the congressman said. The Republican, from Littleton, plans to formally announce on the morning radio show of Jan Mickelson on WHO in Des Moines. 'We're looking at a day of announcements on talk radio,' a source close to the campaign said. 'That's where the conservative movement has made its mark. That's where our people get their news.' Tancredo's goal is to force top-tier Republican candidates Sen. John McCain of Arizona, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to talk about immigration. In particular, Tancredo will target McCain, co-sponsor of immigration legislation last year with a guest-worker program and path to legal status for illegal immigrants."

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Rueter-Hess Reservoir update
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Here's an update on the construction progress at Rueter-Hess Reservoir, from the Denver Post. They write, "The first new major Front Range reservoir in more than two decades, and the potential answer to much of south metro's growing thirst, is sailing toward reality. The federal permit application for Parker's Rueter-Hess Reservoir will be completed this month, and, pending surprises, approval could be in hand by fall. 'Right now, everything is a go,' said Frank Jaeger, the decades-long proponent of the dam and reservoir and the manager of Parker Water and Sanitation District. Other proponents are pleased the reservoir will mix recycled water for household use, provide a scenic lake and preserve open space 3 miles southwest of downtown Parker. The area otherwise could be gobbled up by development. Environmentalists, so far, have tacitly endorsed or at least not opposed the reservoir...

"Parker started making plans two years ago to build a reservoir for its own renewable supplies. In 2005, Castle Rock asked to store recycled water there. A handful of large subdivisions in the region also wanted to join in, so Parker applied for federal permits to triple the size of Rueter-Hess. If all goes as planned, by 2011, Rueter-Hess will be a 1,200-acre lake - 50 percent larger than Cherry Creek Reservoir, with enough water for 140,000 homes. The ease of its passage - in a state that has seen vicious, protracted fights over reservoir proposals - is remarkable, even to Rueter-Hess' chief cheerleader. 'We worked out the politics first,' Jaeger said. 'Then we really dotted our i's and crossed our t's to work out the problems in advance.'"

More Coyote Gulch coverage here.

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Sherman: It is our unique way of solving Colorado's water issues
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It looks like the Interbasin Roundtables set up by the Water for the 21st Century Act are going to live on in the Ritter administration after all, according to the Durango Herald. From the article, "Public involvement is key to solving Colorado's looming water crisis, a senior Ritter administration official said Friday. Harris Sherman, director of the Department of Natural Resources, threw his support behind a system of roundtables that brings together people in each major river basin. The Ritter administration is committed to the new process, Sherman told members of the Interbasin Compact Committee. The committee eventually is supposed to reach an agreement among the river basins for planning Colorado's water future."

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Fryingpan-Arkansas legislation and PSOP
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The Pueblo Chieftain takes a look at U.S. Representative John Salazar's Fryingpan-Arkansas legislation comparing it to U.S. Senator Ken Salazar's legislation for the Preferred Options Storage Plan. From the article, "Rep. Salazar last week introduced a Fryingpan-Arkansas Project bill, which authorizes $10 million for a cumulative study of social, economic and environmental water transfers and $4 million for a feasibility study of water supply and storage expansion, including enlargement of Lake Pueblo. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., will co-sponsor the bill. Sen. Salazar met with the parties who have been negotiating PSOP since January 2005 and plans to meet with the same group in June to assess progress in negotiations...

"Key differences in the legislation are:

"Aurora's continued participation in the Fry-Ark Project. Rep. Salazar excludes Aurora, while PSOP gives Reclamation authority to issue contracts for excess capacity storage to Aurora.

"The timing of the impact study. Rep. Salazar's bill would require completion of the impact study before construction could begin. In the last draft of the 2006 PSOP bill, the impact study would come only after a Lake Pueblo enlargement feasibility study was complete.

"The inclusion of past agreements. The 2001 PSOP developed by the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District is included in the PSOP bill, but not mentioned in Rep. Salazar's Fry-Ark bill. The provisions of the Colorado River Conservation District agreement are included in Rep. Salazar's bill, but all other intergovernmental agreements included in earlier PSOP drafts have been stripped...

Sen. Salazar said he plans to meet with PSOP negotiators in June to check on the progress of talks. At the center of negotiations are the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District and Colorado Springs Utilities, which have been trying to hammer out differences for nearly a year while other parties watch from the sidelines. After those two find common ground, an agreement must be reached among Pueblo, the Pueblo Board of Water Works, Pueblo West, Fountain, the Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District, the Southeastern district and Aurora as well. Also at February's meeting were Pueblo and Lake counties, which have developed new concerns since PSOP was developed in 2001."

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