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  Monday, April 23, 2007

? for Clerk and Recorder?

Denver Politics: "At 11:09 am today, Channel 7 became the first media outlet with enough cohones to investigate allegations of impropriety by an incumbent in the Denver municipal elections. Stephanie O'Malley hasn't been elected before, but she is the appointed Clerk & Recorder, which means we can evaluate not only her statements, but also her performance on the job. We invite all voters to read 'Foreclosures Held Up Because Of Clerk's Failure To Follow Law' and decide whether the allegations represent a serious public failing."

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? for City Council At-Large?

Colorado Confidential: "Colorado Confidential continues our series of video interviews of candidates for Denver citywide office. Today we bring you a discussion with Doug Linkhart, candidate for an at-large seat."

Colorado Confidential: "Today we bring you a discussion with Carol Boigon, candidate for an at-large seat. The two at-large council members represent the entire city of Denver."

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Captain's Quarters: "According to Newsweek, which has multiple articles on Alberto Gonzales in its April 30th issue, Republicans on Capitol Hill have told the White House that the Attorney General has to go if the Bush administration wants to see any progress on its legislative agenda, including immigration. The Judiciary Committee's most vocal Democrat has suggested a list of replacements which would receive quick and painless confirmation as an incentive."

Josh Marshall: "In case you missed it here's our run-down of what the bigwigs (Republican and Democrat) were saying yesterday about whether Alberto Gonzales should lose his job ..."

TPM Muckraker: "Yet another shoe drops in the Jack Abramoff investigation. A former aide to Rep. Don Young (R-AK), Mark Zachares, looks set to plead guilty to corruption charges. The Justice Department filed a criminal information today on Zachares, laying out the facts to which he'll be pleading guilty."

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? for President?

Political Wire: "In South Carolina, a new NewsChannel 15-Zogby poll shows Sen. Hillary Clinton leading among Democratic primary voters with 33%, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 26% and John Edwards at 21%. No other Democratic candidate is above 1% statewide.

"Key finding: 'Perhaps the most interesting thing in the poll is the strength of Clinton. She leads Obama among young voters 49 to 10 percent. Clinton's only weak area seems to be among male voters where she trails both Obama and Edwards by a slim one percent margin. However, Clinton enjoys a huge 40 percent to 25 percent edge with women voters over Obama, with just 18 percent for Edwards.'

"On the Republican side, Sen. John McCain leads with 22% of likely primary voters, trailed by Rudy Giuliani at 19%, Fred Thompson with 11% and Mitt Romney at 10% South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who says he is not a candidate in 2008, gets 8%. No other Republican candidate is above 2 percent statewide."

Political Wire: "The latest Rasmussen Reports poll shows Sens. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in a dead heat amongst likely Democratic primary voters nationally. Both candidates receive 32% of the vote, followed by former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) with 17%. "

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Richardson for president?

Bill Richardson is running TV ads in Iowa. Here's the link to his website.

New West: "Bill Richardson's stock is going up, according to Cokie Roberts and Stephen Roberts, writing in the Billings Gazette. The two noted that, from a fund raising perspective, both Arizona's John McCain and New Mexico's Richardson were neck and neck. But in a 'glass-half-full' or 'glass-half-empty' analysis, Richardson's $5 million was seen as a positive surprise, while McCain's fund raising was seen as a disappointment. The Roberts' also note that the straw poll conducted by grassroots organization showed Richardson in second place behind John Edwards (don't forget, however, that was strongly supportive of Howard Dean, as well)."

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S. 1116, companion bill H.R. 902 introduced in U.S. Senate
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From email from U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, "Living in Colorado, we all know how important water is. Each day, more than two million gallons of useable groundwater is wasted, and contaminated beyond use as it is brought to the surface during oil and gas drilling or coal bed methane extraction. That is why I spearheaded a bipartisan bill that could allow the recovery and use of many gallons of 'produced' water every day. In the water-short West, every drop of 'useable' water counts and is needed to irrigate crops, nourish livestock, maintain wildlife habitat, and provide recreational opportunities."

Here's the text of S. 1116, the "More Water, More Energy, Less Waste Act of 2007."

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? for President?

Political Wire: "'As he presses ahead with his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson may look to Capitol Hill and wonder, where's the love?' reports Roll Call."

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Juan Cole: "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked Sunday that the US military halt its construction of a security wall around the Sunni Arab district of Adhamiya. Al-Maliki spoke from Cairo where he is meeting with foreign ministers of Iraq's neighbors."

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Regional Watershed Supply Project
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Aaron Million was on hand last week for the Yampa / White River Rountable meeting, according to the Craig Daily Press. From the article, "A pipeline from Flaming Gorge Reservoir to Colorado's Front Range is past the proposal stage and the project is moving forward, project developer Aaron Million said Wednesday. 'The Green River runs above average 25 to 30 percent of the time when Colorado's rivers are running below average,' said Million of Fort Collins. 'Water taken out of the reservoir would be charged to Colorado. It would benefit agriculture that is getting decimated on the Front Range.' His words came during the Yampa/White Basin roundtable at the Holiday Inn of Craig...

"Million noted that Flaming Gorge Reservoir is larger than all the reservoirs in Colorado combined, and Colorado is allowed access to water as the Green River flows through the northwest part of the state, in an area with nearly no consumptive use. Moffat County rancher T. Wright Dickinson was quick to confront Million on that point of his presentation. 'I must correct your no consumptive use statement,' Dickinson said. 'There is agriculture and there is energy and there are people in Browns Park. Are you willing to meet the future needs of the Green River Basin?' Routt County municipal representative to the roundtable, Dan Craig of Phippsburg, also wanted assurance that any water leaving Colorado would return to the state...

"Those and many other questions remain to be addressed about the project, which includes a 400-mile pipeline paralleling Interstate 80 from the reservoir to the Front Range of Colorado. This project, along with the Yampa Pumpback proposal to pump water to the Front Range from a reservoir near Maybell, will be discussed at a meeting of the Upper Colorado River Commission in June."

More Coyote Gulch coverage here.

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Farmers snap up extra Fort Collins water
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Farmers snapped up extra water from Fort Collins last week, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan. From the article, "City officials on Tuesday allocated 8,400 acre-feet of water to farmers who have shares in North Poudre Irrigation Co. on a first-come-first-served basis. The water represented shares Fort Collins owns in the North Poudre system, said Dennis Bode, water resource manager for the city. Without limits on how much could be rented by individual users, most of the water went to major farms in the area, leaving dozens of smaller operations without a chance to get supplemental water for their crops, said Curtis Bridges, who owns 300 acres and farms west of Wellington. Large farming operations in the area had employees waiting in line outside North Poudre's office in Wellington around the clock for days in anticipation of the sale, Bridges said...

"The water went to 12 requesters at a rate of $30 an acre-foot, Bode said. Some requesters represented more than one farm. The farmers paid up-front for the water, he said...

"North Poudre plans to deliver 2.5 acre-feet per share, down from a typical quota of about 4.5 acre-feet. The company's supplies are expected to be short this year because it borrowed water last summer -- during a prolonged stretch of hot, dry weather in the middle of the growing season -- against this year's supply...

"More water might be available because of a recent increase in the distribution quota set by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Bode said. If that happens, North Poudre farmers left out of Tuesday's allocation will be notified and given a shot at the water."

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