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  Monday, April 30, 2007

Top 100 Most Influential People in IT
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Congratulations to our blogfather Dave Winer. He's number 87 on EWeek's list of most influential people in IT.

Doc Searls comes in at number 95.

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Referred Question 1A
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Say hello to We know that it's pretty late in the cycle but we're confident many voters have yet to turn in their ballot for tomorrow's election. They write, "The Denver City Council voted unanimously to put Question 1A on the ballot for May 1st, 2007. The intent of this measure is to treat the limitation on the terms of office of the Denver District Attorney on an equal basis with the terms of other elected officials in Denver. All city officials including the Mayor, City Council, Auditor and County Clerk are allowed to seek three consecutive terms in office - Question 1 would extend this provision to the District Attorney, who currently is limited to two terms in office. Question 1A is designed to provide uniformity and fairness in our election rules. Colorado needs experienced district attorneys to prosecute criminals and protect the public. Question 1A will allow the Denver District Attorney to serve three terms, the same as all other Denver elected officials."

Here's the link to the ballot drop off locations.

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War on terror

Captain's Quarters: "The London Telegraph reports on a new tactical aggressiveness from American troops in Afghanistan which has the Taliban rocked back on its heels and unable to press forward with its expect spring offensive. The new tactics involve the heavy use of helicopter gunships and a merciless push to finish engagements."

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Captain's Quarters: "Just as the Democrats have raised the white flag on Iraq, the New York Times reports that the surge strategy has started paying off in Anbar. Shops have reopened, people have moved back, and everyone's challenging the insurgents except Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Oliver Willis: "[George Tenet] just doesn't come across well. He seems combative, argumentative, etc. In other words, another incompetent Bush administration official (and yes, I know he was there before Bush came in). As I noted - this guy was CIA director at the time of the worst intelligence failure in U.S. history. He didn't say a damn thing when we invaded Iraq, when he received the medal of honor and on and on until he's got a book to push in order to financially benefit himself.

"Just not credible."

Captain's Quarters: "Michael Scheuer, the CIA chief of the now-defunct Osama bin Laden unit, wrote a book recounting his frustrations spanning more than a decade of counterterrorism work for Langley. The author of such books as Imperial Hubris and Through Our Enemies' Eyes has spent the last few years detailing how senior intelligence officials have failed several administrations and the nation. Now he responds to George Tenet and his new memoirs, and warns Americans that Tenet has not told the truth.

ABC News: "Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., a Republican presidential candidate, said Wednesday that he is talking with Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., a Senate colleague who is also running for president, about the possibility of teaming up to offer bipartisan legislation that would pursue a 'three-state/one-country' solution for Iraq."

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? for President?

Political Wire: "'Iowa's living room has gotten a whole lot bigger,' the Des Moines Register observes. 'Top-tier presidential candidates, who are attracting large crowds even this early in the campaign, are having to work to find ways to meet party activists in Iowa in the traditionally intimate settings that have long defined the state's first-in-the-nation nominating caucuses.'"

Andrew Sullivan: "[John McCain] has clearly realized that becoming an older, smarter version of Bush is not going to win over any of the independents who once loved him. And so he is again saying what he believes.

Radio Iowa: "Republican Mike Huckabee was the only presidential candidate in Iowa this past weekend, meeting with influential Christian conservatives in his party on Friday night. Huckabee says the country is questioning the 'competence' of their government on a variety of fronts. 'When folks fill out their tax returns and they see how much the government is taking, they'd kind of like to know they're getting something for it. They want value,' Huckabee says. 'Whether it's in the roads they drive on or whether it's the manner in which the war is being fought or the way in which we take care of veterans, they want to know that the money is not being wasted, squandered or mismanaged.' According to Huckabee, Republicans won't get elected in 2008 unless they acknowledge government mistakes under the Bush Administration, like the response to Hurricane Katrina or the problems in the veterans health care system."

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Nolan Doesken: 2007 Environmental Hero
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Congratulations to weather watcher Nolan Doesken for winning the 2007 Environmental Hero award by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for founding the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. Here's an article about Mr. Doesken and the award from the Longmont Daily Times-Call. They write, "On April 20 in Washington, D.C., Doesken, 55, was presented with the 2007 Environmental Hero award by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for founding the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. 'It feels really weird,' Doesken, Colorado's state climatologist, said Wednesday. 'I don't feel like an environmental hero. I'm just trying to be helpful.' He places the laurels upon the thousands of volunteers in his network. 'Weather and climate are like the science of the people,' he said. 'All of our lives and livelihoods are affected by the weather.'[...]

"On July 28, 1997, a series of storms dropped up to a foot of rain west of Fort Collins. The Spring Creek flood killed five people and caused millions of dollars in damage. It took meteorologists weeks to piece together exactly how much rain fell. One of Doesken's first calls was to Andy Pineda. He knew Pineda had a rain gauge in the yard of his north Fort Collins home. Pineda said Doesken was surprised at the lack of rain gauges in the area. 'As much as we value water here, we don't have much of a rain-gauge network,' Pineda recalls Doesken saying. He decided to do something about it. Nearly a year after the flood, Doesken founded CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. The system established a network of spotters whose reports can provide early warning about severe weather. If the National Weather Service had received such reports as the Spring Creek flood was building, lives could have been saved downstream, he said. Today, the network includes 18 states and the District of Columbia and more than 2,000 volunteers who report regularly. Doesken said the program signed up its 8,000th volunteer last month...

Mr. Doesken's name shows up often in the Coyote Gulch archives.

"colorado water"
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Energy policy: Ethanol

Here's a look at ethanol production as an alternative to petroleum fuels from the Greeley Tribune "reg". From the article, "These days some environmentalists are crying foul about a fuel that is polluting the air and ocean and driving up the price of food. No, it's not petroleum critics are complaining about. It's corn ethanol. Corn ethanol has been championed by politicians as a 'win, win, win' solution for America's energy demands. It has been heralded as a solution to national security because corn is a domestic product as opposed to the oil that the U.S. consumes, most of which is imported. Its use as a fuel boosts profits for America's farmers and rural communities. And compared with oil, corn ethanol emits about 13 to 20 percent less carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that most scientists believe is responsible for climate change. But corn ethanol has taken a beating recently.

"Ethanol refineries also are being criticized for environmental pollution. Many environmentalists have found the higher demand for corn by ethanol refineries has pushed farmers to use pesticides and fertilizer that run off into water sources, poisoning water sources and creating a 'dead zone' in the Gulf of Mexico. The refineries themselves are emitting excessive levels of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon emissions and volatile organic compounds which can cause cancer. Archer Daniels Midland, a leading ethanol producer, already has been cited for multiple violations of the Clean Air Act. The costs of corn ethanol production have taken the sweet crunch from America's newest energy source for many environmental and energy security advocates. Even some of its strongest supporters, like the Natural Resources Defense Council, are worried about the effects of corn ethanol production...

"High gasoline prices, a 51-cent per gallon subsidy and a demand from oil refineries that needed it to blend with gasoline in order to comply with pollution laws has made corn ethanol quite profitable. Last year, federal and state subsidies equaled nearly $6 billion, according to a study by Jerry Taylor and PeterVan Doren published in the Milken Institute Review. However, corn ethanol is the only politically and commercially viable biofuel available for at least the next three years. This is the optimistic timetable researchers at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab have set for cellulosic fuel to be price-competitive. Others believe that it may take five years - or much, much longer, skeptics say -- for cellulosic ethanol or other alternative fuels to be commercially produced. So, despite the recent concerns raised by environmentalists, the corn ethanol industry continues to grow -- at least 73 more refineries are expected to come online this year, according to the Renewable Fuels Association-- but perhaps not in environmental sustainability."

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