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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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Reservoir levels around Colorado Springs are doing OK, according to From the article, "Reservoirs in the Colorado Springs area are at about 78-percent capacity, which is a drastic improvement from where they have been over the past several years. In 2003 Crystal Reservoir reached its lowest point ever at 42-percent of capacity, a 36-percent difference to what you will find today and its in part because of this summer's wet weather."

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Here's a short interview with Dr. David O. Norris of the University of Colorado, from the He's been studying the effects of estrogen and other pollutants in the effluent downstream from wastewater treatment plants. From the article, "We are exposed to estrogens through almost everything we touch. We need to start being concerned about the plastics, detergents, birth control, shampoos, foods, beauty products and certain drugs that are exposing humans to excessive amounts of estrogen...

"All sources of estrogen that people are coming in contact with are important. By themselves, they are not important, but they are being compounded and becoming harmful. We have a lot of information already that estrogen is a problem for adults. High amounts are linked to certain cancers. Also, the fetus is extremely sensitive to these chemicals. Male fetuses will show tendencies in the feminine direction. There is also evidence of a link between estrogen levels and birth defects."

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The Denver Post contrasts the environmental approaches of the gubernatorial candidates. From the article, "When it comes to the environment, gubernatorial candidates Bob Beauprez and Bill Ritter - like most politicians - say they are for it...

"Ritter has staked out climate change and renewable energy as key issues. The Democrat says he supports the Rocky Mountain Climate organization's development of a state plan to address climate change and sees state government building upon that work. 'We believe the governor should have an initiative inside the office to deal with climate change,' Ritter said in an interview. As for renewable energy, Ritter says he would find a way to offer more incentives for the development of wind, solar power and biofuels. 'We're the ninth-windiest state, the sixth-sunniest state and have all sorts of federal agencies and universities and colleges focusing their research on this issue,' the Democrat said. 'Renewable energy is part of our 21st century.'

"Beauprez is emphasizing his Colorado Habitat Initiative. The initiative would set aside tax revenue and money from energy companies for a fund to be used for 'habitat enhancement and off-site mitigation in energy-impacted areas. We've got a huge challenge in front of us in trying to maintain our wildlife habitat while still trying to go after the energy supplies that we all know we need,' Beauprez said. On the key issue of water supplies, Beauprez supported the failed Referendum A in 2003 - which would have provided for the construction of reservoirs and diversion of water from one river basin to another. 'We've doubled our population in the last 30 years and increased water storage by a mere 16 percent,' he said. 'Fact is, we're not going to completely conserve our way out of this problem,' Beauprez said. 'What else do you do? You augment existing storage. And you build some new storage where you can because we must.'"

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